Up From Peace & His Paws, SNOOP Addresses ‘Drama in the LBC’ Rumors

It’s like one of my favorite scenes from one of my hood classics (South Central):

“We all know Bobby here a man…a MAN! So nobody punkin’ nobody here! Am I right, Buddah?” (1:15-1:34)


If you remember last week, we posted about rumors swirling on social media that the big homie Snoop got ran up out the hood during a visit for old times sake.

Well Snoop’s been laying low and meditating in preparation for his peaceful visit to the next Million Man March and getting [what he says is] his “Malcolm X” on: Concentrating on unifying the people, working with the kids and on all things positive and peaceful.

Interrupting his peace, in walks a social media message gone viral of the dude telling the world about Snoop getting run up out the hood.

Yesterday, Snoop Dogg came up off his paws and peace (and as peaceful and best as he could—without the gangster coming up out of him), he spoke his peace back to the person/people putting him out there [like he got punked or som’n’].

Now, it’s like I said in the post. We all know Snoop aint no punk and if anything (with a family to look after), if he left, he simply did it out of knowing code and temperament of the streets now (like when he was bored with nothing to do).


Life is different for Snoop now.
Considering the fact that it’s 2015 and the homies of yesteryear don’t share your success and joy in today’s world (like years ago-when they couldn’t bear witness to your grind), going back to the hood can indeed be risky. Hearts just aren’t the same.

In the middle of his peace, one thing the big homie Snoop did want to make clear [is that] his lifestyle may have changed but he aint never been no punk-and is willing to talk things out like MEN (but don’t get it twisted “fcked up”)…

It’s obvious it was hard trying to hold his composure in this response but he made it through as peaceful as he could. So without further adieu, I will let him tell it to yous:

Out with Martin. In with Malcolm

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