#SuperTuesday March Madness : Cape Breton Wants To Earn Your Citizenship Should TRUMP Be POTUS – These Celebs Say They’ll Flee If He Wins + Has Sensation Nulled Our Ability To Make Sense?

I called it a long time and have been saying it for a while now: Donald Trump is going to get in that White House-or at least right up to the door of it.






TrumpCelebrities Leaving Country If TrumpPeople thought this was some silly annoying game of wildcard with mere Rand Paul sentiment and results when he set out to start a political campaign, but like I said in my old Tweets: Donald Trump (who, other than offend, annoy and talk money) can’t even debate or argue any issues facing America yet, is closer to running this country than people thought he would.

Trump’s whole existence is a clear cut example of (like I explained in my tweets) not only [his being] a representative of living out loud-ways that people who share his same ideals can’t-but too, a gripping reminder of all these subliminals in the ways we socialize today playing a very big part of perception controlling our reality and dulling people’s ability to separate sensation from reality and ridding them of all sensibilities.

Donald Trump is a man who knows how to make money, but knowing how to make money is not all it takes to run a country yet, his sensationalism clouding peoples reality is getting him closer to the White House doors than people realize.

glitter gold starIf you’ve never, all you broke conspiracy theorists that insist that voting is a ‘set up” and “rigged” had better get up off your loins and tired excuses for being lazy or intimated at vote this upcoming election-I’ll tell you that. Filling in circular bubbles on a piece of paper and popping hanging chads aint got nothing on your life, livelihood and welfare hanging in the balance of a man who never has, and never will identify with or empathize with life as you live it.

Donald Trump knows (nor cares) about democracy and making decisions for the greater good and has zero

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