TRU-NADA: First Man Contracts HIV While On The “90%-Proof” HIV Prevention Pill “PrEP” (A.K.A ‘ TRUVADA ‘)

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No ma’am. Miss Thing can have that life.

truvadaDon’t you be believing the testimonials of people out here promoting and believing in a drug alleged to make you HIV superhuman—(overseen by the same government who has yet to produce a pill of the same for the incurable: Herpes and Cancer)-they came first.

Use your head. Don’t let people hand, or tell you anything without thinking it through from all sides.

Anytime I read up on a drug alleging to be the cocoa cure that ultimately will put social control in a clinch and allow us all to soar our wild oats, I stick my third eye on my head and wouldn’t touch promoting it (or any testimonials of).

This, coming from a woman who:

a) regardless the pleasure and normalcy (for many) still, would never be caught promoting (heterosexual) anal sex


b) wouldn’t even promote advocating birth control over condoms (because of the unspoken thing of it being the use of unprotected sex).

…both reasons-giving consideration to the possibility of contracting

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