Beam Thee Up To Scotty: NASA Is Paying $18k For 70 Days Of Smoking Weed In Space – Bedridden

Rest Studies“Beam me up to Scotty” (down to its literal meaning) is about to happen.

NASA is looking to pay you 18,000 USD to stay in bed and smoke ‘til your hearts content—for 70 straight days.

While still being able to be connected to the world (via Skype) play games, and read books, NASA is inviting folks to climb aboard for the fantastic voyage and get paid a $1200 per week rate for being bedridden and lazy for the 70 days—smoking various different kinds of cannabis.

Although it sounds silly and a great way to be paid for [doing what some do] and many would love to all day anyway, there is a purpose for this experiment: To find ways of preserving astronaut’s health and safety during extended space travel. Their “head down” bed rest through space is via zero gravity which also means zero weight and strain on human muscles. Scientists are

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