#SuperTuesday March Madness : Cape Breton Wants To Earn Your Citizenship Should TRUMP Be POTUS – These Celebs Say They’ll Flee If He Wins + Has Sensation Nulled Our Ability To Make Sense?


understanding (or care) of the modest life and living of regular, everyday hard working Americans-much less the poor.

Well if that isn’t enough to make you ponder or scare you into preparation to do your civic duty soon come, do know that you’re not the only one planning (or dreaming of) flee the country should Trump take over this country.



Even some well-to-do’ers are making plans to flee to Canada and abroad and Nova Scotia is just one of the countries welcoming Americans with open arms-pending the Trump POTUS takeoff.


Now whether these celebs are really gonna move (while others dream of doing so) or no; say hello to Cape Breton Island.

They’re already setting up shop for the ‘Oh Say Can You See Flee By the Dawn’s Early Light” ’ers come the morning after this man gets in that White House.


Click here onto their site CapeBretonIfDonaldTrumpWins.com site -to see what they have to offer.

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