Driver Roll Up The Partition Please: RUSSELL SIMMONS Sits Down With BILL O’REILLY Who Decided BEYONCE Is Ruining Lives

There are just some things we won’t touch, read,

Exactly How Are YOU Reclaiming Your Time?

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos “Reclaiming My

Responding To JESSE WILLIAMS’ BET AWARDS Speech Makes 2nd Time JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Got Dragged + Know Exactly What The Culture Demands (If It’s Going To Be Appropriated)

  Life imitated art this past Sunday as it

The Dream Is Free (The Hustle Is Sold Separately) Millennials ISO #MillennialMoney: What You Need To Know About Blogging (For Serious Business) To Avoid The Daily, Redundant Trivial Pursuit

Bloggers. Aspiring Bloggers. Former Bloggers. Online publishers, site owners

Trump and Ryan: PAUL RYAN Pressure x Dan Quayle Support: Is #TrumpsParty / DONALD TRUMP A Representative Good For Life (Or Simply Good For What I Feel About Life)?

That “other” republican (Donald Trump) hasn’t had the friendliest

Despite Her ‘Ghetto’ Hairstyles (and ‘Ghetto’ Name) ‘RAVEN SYMONE’ Won’t Hire YOU With a ‘Ghetto’ Name + Don’t We All Have An Instant Perception Of ‘Person’ By Their Name?

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An OPEN LETTER TO GERALDO RIVERA: Come To Terms With Your Own Reverse Racism in the Form Of Projecting It Onto Hip Hop! Once Again GERALDO Blames Hip Hop (And This Time: KENDRICK LAMARs BET 2015 Performance) On Being A Problem – But See How One New Jersey Teacher Saw KENDRICK and Hip Hop As A Solution

Dear Geraldo Once you get over your subconscious mind

{Changing the Game} Can’t Get No More Free Randy: Are BEYONCE & BRUNO MARS To Blame For The NFL Wanting SUPER BOWL HALF TIME Performers Pay To Play?

You wanna talk about “changing the game.” Save your

This Just In: JOAN RIVERS HAS BEEN FETCHED (and Tossed a Reply Back Regarding Insensitive Quip About Cleveland Girls Held Captive)

It’s a conscious psychology to these Freudian slips [of