Three Norfolk Virginia Men Suffer Blood-Curdling Multiple Gunshot Wounds While On Facebook Live

A young man and his two friends, all between the ages of 27 to 29, get shot multiple times while pulled over, smoking and listening to music yesterday.

Depending on how you look at it, all praises (or damning) due to Facebook, that fine line of the proverbial subliminal wars of words being directed “at” you versus @ you is slowly happening live on cam.

TJ Williams Norfolk VirginiaFrom behind the pixels of our quiet devices, the days of hanging online licking shots in the form of mere alphabet are being replaced by doing what you never want to do if you’re beefing, and talking slick “at” somebody: Throw subliminals live on cam on the new Facebook Live app.

Why? Because, to whom it may concern, just might catch feelings—or you…live and in the flesh, out and on it where the world can see you curdle on yours, TJ Williamsin a malicious effort to have you meet your demise by the enemy’s try.

Such is life for three Norfolk, Virginia men who are clinging to theirs right now.

This is just sad-just as sad as it is surreal and real.

The video, posted by one of the victims: TJ Williams, basically shows him sitting in the passenger seat. Another guy is in the driver’s seat, and a third guy is positioned in the back seat. Right into the first minute of the video, they seemed to be pulled over, smoking, and reciting rap lyrics like:  “..have the ambulance come pick his brains up.”

Eerily, Williams was visibly moved by the poignancy of the words such that he rewinds the song back to the lyrics: “..have the ambulance come pick his brains up,” while looking into the camera.

Equally as eerie, while into the first five minutes, you can also see Williams looking around as if something weird was going on-just not obvious enough to raise enough caution to put him on guard.

After taking a few squigs down his Facebook page, it is clear that he and his friends are very active on Facebook Live.


In addition to that and a couple of subliminal Facebook posts-obviously at someone on his “friends” list:

…it’s also pretty plain to see even as recent as July 8, there is some enmity going on ‘somewhere out there’-but without TJ or his friends naming names.



Now that the option to put body language and eye contact camtac is now available, obviously, to whoever was concerned, was concerned, and most probably knew Williams was filiming as the shots rang out nice with no words said.

Looking like something straight out of the movies, this horrifying scene, seemed to have rolled the red carpet right out and lead whomever the shooter/s were, right up to the poor guys-licking countless shots and leaving them to curdle on their own blood. The camera’s audio even picked that up, despite after only seeing one of the guy’s shoe after the first shot rang into the car, looking like Williams’ was to be the unsuspecting victim of the very first bullet.

Although nothing can be seen after that, Facebook Live was still rolling.

You can clearly hear what was going on up until the paramedics arrived—picking brains up.

The video ran until

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