“Social Media Made Me Do It”- INSTAGRAM LIVE-ing and Driving – What To Know To Keep You From Letting Social Media Take You Out of Your Mind

“Social media made me do it.”

She has a (true) point but, unfortunately that point lead to a deadly end for 18 year-old   Obdulia Sanchez’s 14 year old sister Jacqueline.

Unfortunately, Jacqueline died while she was driving and Instagram-Live-ing.

In case you are not up on this story,  here is the video of the moment the car rolled.

It was determined Obdulia was drunk. It was so odd that she  continued to talk into the camera as her little sister lay dying–as if she was filming a documentary. She was completely out of her mind in a weird way.

Social media syndrome. 

Who knew that virtual reality would turn out to be like the late 90s’ “Blair Witch Project” ..where we’d see horror-live on video-and lives lost and interrupted { here   /  here  /  here }

It’s what I refer to as “social media marinating”-a mental condition that’s not even in the psychiatric books yet.

We begin to play into this euphoric fantasy that hundreds upon thousands upon millions of people (we’re merely helping pass time)-somehow ‘love’ us so much that we trade all sense and sensibility to BE thoughtlessly entertaining. And (like this case) we put safety in the back seat.

Once we play into that and it triggers our pleasure center-it’s like our physiological need for belonginess is activated. We’re hooked. Then those hundreds upon thousands upon millions of people rule the way we move, control our emotions and (pseudo) “motivate” us in way that many of us don’t even have within ourselves to do (without them). Those “hundreds upon thousands upon millions” of people end up owning you and the seat of your soul that you trade in.

It’s dangerous.

Social media DID make her “do it.”

But on social media, of the two evils, (other than ‘unbeing’ or overly being “you,”) DOING something to give those hundreds upon thousands upon millions to focus on (other than just a camera on “you”).


Manuela and Jacqueline on Snapchat.
3rd victim / survivor: Manuela Sela and Jacqueline Sanchez (deceased) \ GIF ABC 30

While in exchange for “DOING” something (for them to focus on other than just “you”), it’s a given that you are going to collect ‘haters,’ covets, and envy. But when it comes to your mental and emotional health (and in this case-safety); you’re better off being aware of your haters than being unaware and thinking you’re (truly) being loved—versus (actually) just helping hundreds upon thousands upon millions pass time.

Unfortunately, someone’s loved one had to pass while the other has to DO time.

Jacqueline Sanchez Estrada.

Obdulia Sanchez

We can have fun – but don’t drink and drive and Instagram Live.

Author: Angela Sherice