The Facebook Killer, VIRTUAL VALIDATION And Its Dangers, BILL O’REILLY Is A Non-MutherFcking Factor, CARMELO ANTHONY Work & Home Life Struggle &The AARON HERNANDEZ Irony

In politics or pop culture, if it’s anything that’s sure to get you caught up and lead to your downfall, it’ll always involve:

  • sex
  • drugs
  • money
  • women


In felonious, fugitive life if it’s anything that’s sure to get you caught up and lead to your capture, it’s:

  • water
  • travel
  • food

…studies, and time has proven time and time again, those truth can be held self-evident without a doubt.

The latest proof of that case (in point) is Facebook fugitive (and ironically, teen crisis counselor) Steve Stephens who as you may (or may not) know, let his very own domestic situation get to his head and pump through his heart which lead his fingers to a trigger-unfortunately, randomly choosing pumping a passerby and pumping lead into him—on Facebook live.


As you may (or may not) know, the victim of this foolishness was 74 year-old Robert Godwin. A man with “God” in his name on Easter effing Sunday.


Reportedly, Godwin was a lively, thriving, loved and adored father and boyfriend of a 30-something year-old I might add! (quote)“LONGTIME” (end quote) boyfriend at that!


After watching the video, his domestic situation is a small end of the equation. This chronic need for attention of going on live stream (camera) with people beneath you (to me), is weird anyways. It’s a step above “wanting” attention over just having recorded oneself and just putting it up and “out there.’ This form of live streaming broadcast in front of a live audience check-in is (what I refer to) as mere VIRTUAL VALIDATION whether you are killing somebody dead or speaking life. It’s NOT healthy for the mind (either way). Once you get that first shot of adrenaline of it, it feeds (self) narcissism and sends synapses up the hypothalamus and sends serotonin levels high. Much higher than recording yourself on YouTube in search of comments. It’s a step above that-because it’s live. It’s all out weird (to me). And you will NEVER catch me doing it-because I care more about my mental health than these virtual ways to put myself on display simply because it’s available.

It all goes back to the spandex rule: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

He self proclaimed himself a monster and ticking time bomb already. According to a background investigation, this man already had the beginning stages of a serial killer: killing animals as a kid



Online, you’re dealing with holy terrors who got NO play or attention in high school, college, or as a kid-mudtrecking across social media in droves. You put people like that (not just in front of a camera and publish it) but hit’em with that first shot of VIRTUAL VALIDATION (live) in front of people (who are NOT technically your “audience” per se), but rather, people who are at the right place at the right time…getting help from you to help them pass their time…it’s on! And viola! So are you: LIVE.

Furthermore (and side note), I keep in mind that I still have a life offline. I’m a woman-HAPPILY single and selective dater. And VERY MUCH enjoy leaving much left to be desired about me. Among other things, the main premise of my whole podcast is sex, singlehood, self-esteem and relationships. I’ve lost and won at love and dating just like anyone else. But to be honest, once I got into ‘me’ and studied ‘people’-I ‘got it.’ I have NO male problems and men are never ‘done’ with me, uninteresting in knowing me and always want more, left wanting more or me with nothing left to be desired. It’s 2017. Men don’t ‘have to have’ women like they used to. They “USED TO” because they used to have to EAGERLY ANTICIPATE THE DATE. Now, they log on. A still (pic/words) comes across VASTLY different from live/video. Your ‘silly’ or ‘goofy’ comes across vastly different in still life vs. video vs. live stream that in person-might be cute. But a turn off those other mediums. You’re better off giving yourself a full chance to display “you” in person, than having it DECIDED for you (by observation/live stream). It’s a well kept secret of MANY men and one that MANY (single) women don’t understand (or are too involved in virtual validation that they can’t see). A lot of virtual/digital life ‘norms’ now are getting them CANCELED in the prospective dating game. Times have changed. There’s NO more analog. It’s ALL DIGITAL. So you gotta change your dating hustle to digital, too–by doing the OPPOSITE. For instance, with me-you start at a connected burner number to text back and forth before I invest my time to sit on the phone talking to you. By the time I take the time to dine with you we’re both cool, and at ease AF. That said, when it comes to virtual validation, know that having certain parts of me that the world can’t have is my icing on my cake in my personal life. I don’t believe in giving up too much of myself to that which I am not married to. Just because livestream married social media doesn’t mean I have to wear its ring. So you’d better take these words in books, blogs, and these pics online and my Twitter, and IG and go be, and feel great. Be glad that I lend my voice on podcast. Because (with the exception of business conference calls and such), these ‘norm’ forms of virtual validation (livestream audiencing) to me, is not only bad for your mental and emotional health, but (especially for a woman) your personal life: Digital moment by digital moment of its indulgence.

Those types (people in search of virtual validation) run the gamut from one extreme to this guys’ extreme: One slowly killing himself, the other: killing people.



Virtual validation is real. And real dangerous. And real unhealthy.

On a lighter note however, congratulations are in order on the menu of the McDonald’s worker who HAD BETTER be up for this $50,000 reward for tipping the cops off while the killer obviously wanted in on McDonalds’ $.18 Big Macs opted for the coward he was: chicken

I told you in the above bullet points: water, travel and food will trap the fugitive!



In other news you’ll be finding (over at our sister site), while on vacation, Bill O’Reilly’s kicking up sand and learning that his services (or value) is no longer needed (or valued) at the Fox New offices.

Straight off the heels of the network suffering penalties of early withdrawals-several advertisers pulling their spots from O’Reilly’s “factor” stemming from the fact that not only had he tried to shame female politician Maxine Waters, but [one of his] ever-looming sexual harassment claims came to roost and plucked his pockets.

The latest, brewing now comes from low-level clerical worker-an African American woman-who reportedly complained of sexual harassment across the employee hotline anonymously, out of fear of his “$18 million dollar” status v. her hourly value.

Reportedly, Bill must’ve thought his wanting to be alone with the woman [who he allegedly referred to as ‘hot chocolate’] would have gone over like’kiss:



–but it didn’t. And reportedly, (in addition to another suit being handled by attorney Lisa Blume brewing) The O’Reilly Factor and Billy O’Reilly are about to be “a non-mutherfckin factor” over at those Fox offices.


I tell you.

  • sex
  • drugs
  • girls
  • money

… is politics’ and pop cultures’ vice grip.

Just ask basketball player Carmelo Anthony who too, is in it the paint and being decorated as the cheating husband (who allegedly has a child on the way with his side chick).

As you may well know Carmelo Anthony is already being pushed out by Phil Jackson. No worse time to be losing the support of your wife, on the way to having to pay loads of child support and a new one on the way by and alleged stripper-hanging in the net with more hell to pay.

Good luck to LaLa and all.



Lastly, not even fallen football player Aaron Hernandez’s down a$$ chick and baby-momma Shay, the new trial jurors star-struckedness and acquittal was enough to make Hernandez not want to quit at life living.


Already serving a life sentence for the death of semi-pro ball player Odin Lloyd, last weeks acquittal for the two drive by murders meant nothing–like the irony of being on route to your 3rd season of playing pro ball in June 2013 and being cut for murder accusations—that soon thereafter landed him in jail anyways.

Just like that, obviously the irony of being acquitted for the drive by murders but not able to go home and serving a life sentence for being guilty for one other murder for sure, was too much for that dark Scorpio to bear behind those dark, cold, lonely walls of a prison a ways from general population.

Just after 4 a.m. this morning, the New England Patriots’ fallen football star was found hanged in his single unit cell where reportedly, he took extra steps to block the doorway to keep authorities from entering.

Hernandez hung himself with bed sheets tied to the window sill.


After his acquittal for the two murders, Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer was confident that Aaron would be able to get out of jail sooner than a “life sentence.”

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Author: Angela Sherice