“WU-TANG Member” That Cut Penis & Jumped from Building Was High on PCP (And Not Member)

It was reported last week: “Wu-Tang Member Cuts Off His Penis and Jumps From Building,” and although the penis couldn’t be re-attached, we’re going to do our best to piece this kooky story together as erect and straight up as we can.

article-0-1D2627A800000578-525_634x679  So the headlines read [something to that effect] and I’m sure as you read [that the penis could not be reattached] obviously that tells you the man lived [after jumping off the building penis-less].

What-had-happened-was…it was originally reported that no drugs were in the guys’ system and too-he was a Wu-Tang member.

Let’s clear 2 things up (according to later reports hence, why when you blog; you gotta hold out a day or two on stories like this):

1)      drugs (PCP) were indeed found in his system

2)      he is not “a member of the Wu-Tang” group

article-2606307-1D2627C000000578-313_306x423  Whether or not the reports of the guy [and subject of this write-up: Andre Johnson] suffers from mental illness, or the attempted suicide was because of drugs (PCP) is still up in the air. We do know however, that…what-had-happened was…he obviously hallucinated, cut off his penis, and proceeded to jump from the second floor balcony of a North Hollywood apartment building around 1 a.m. last Wednesday. Although he responded: “ok” when an attempt to apprehend him was futile; he proceeded to jump anyways.

According to onlookers, by the time they made it down to the ground floor (to help Johnson), he was on his feet, running around and screaming.

article-2606795-1D2626E800000578-45_634x519  News of Johnson being “a member of the Wu-Tang Clan” got back to the actual members of the Wu-Tang-Clan, and they did not take this rumored association and connection to their brand/group to lightly. They wanted to make this clear:

  • Johnson (whose stage name was “Christ Bearer”) was a member of a group called Northstar.
  • Northstar was a group who Wu-Tang rapper and producer RZA discovered way back in 1998.
  • RZA produced their (Northstar)’s 2004 debut album called “RZA Presents Northstar.”

…That’s it, no other connection.

article-2606307-1D2658E600000578-988_634x355 According to our source, Wu-Tang Clan’s source responded: “While we wish the guy good luck and hope this is not a mental health problem of some sort, we hope he gets help as this is not regular behavior. If this behavior is attributed to drugs of such we hope he gets help in this as well. However none of this is Of Tribute to the Wutang clan movement, way of life or legacy.”

article-2607725-1D2D67D400000578-269_634x677  TRANSLATION: “We only smoke trees and killer around these parts and we don’t cut our parts. And we’on know homie.”



article-2606307-1D26278A00000578-984_306x414  That “connection” is now clarified and cut, and as well, although his penis was unable to be reattached; Johnson lived and posted a message on his Facebook page [that he feels] “blessed.” That message, too, was…cut. we said at the beginning of this write-up: we were going to do our best to piece this story together.

All things, cut-sidered…How’d we do?


Source: DailyMail



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Catching the Vapors: WHOOPI GOLDBERG’s Marijuana Use

o-pen-vaporizer-product2 Whoopi Goldherb, I mean: Goldberg is in love: In love with her marijuana vaporizing pen-so much so that she put it in writing.

o-pen-vaporizer  The ABC “The View” co-host wrote her first post this past Thursday on the Denver Post’s Cannabists website—stating [that] by sipping small sips, her “vape pen” gives her relief of the devastating effects of glaucoma’s headache pain and pressure however, the pen does not give her a marijuana high (like recreational/street marijuana does).

Whoopi says that she is mindful (and careful) about using the pen in places/states where marijuana is illegal, though.

download  In case you wanted to know what a marijuana pen looks like, it’s like a small hookah but looks more like the over-the-counter thin cigars with the white tip (e.g., Black & Mild, Djarum’s etc). The pen is a CO2 vapor and is “rechargeable” (unlike a typical over-the counter cigar stick) and its vapor, per pen, allows for about 7-8 second pulls (“puff-puffs”) until empty.

If you remember, Denver Colorado just recently made marijuana legal, so it would only be befitting that its town newspaper open up a public online newspaper column to allow marijuana smokers (in due time) room to incriminate themselves beyond expressing, exhaling and exercising their freedom of speech to go along with the freedom to puff.

But their special guest this past week: Whoopi Goldberg was merely stopping by like the rule in smoking together (for “recreational” purposes) goes: Puff-puff pass[ing through].

Heres’ the link the Goldberg’s column, pass through:


Source: AP/Associated Press.



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So The Next Time You Walk Past a Homeless Person, Think of This:


…I mentioned this in my blog about Carlos Santana being reunited with a homeless man who told a news reporter that he once played with the famous “Black Magic Woman” singer and spiritualist: You never know someone’s whole story.

Well in the story, ↑ I told you about how the reporter went dumpster diving to find out if what the homeless man was saying was true or no, and turns out, he really was telling the truth.

That, like the video above, it goes to show you (what I also mention in my blog)  about how I’m always so curious (and tend to attract) lost, roaming souls who-while in my days and daily travels-I always end up talking to and getting to know by name.

It just makes me feel good, because everybody has a story-even if they don’t live like us.

That man in the video above, despite his toilet-tongue at begin video, has a voice like spring water-he is a One Man Show. If you have an eye for talent then you’ll know…

Here’s what we learned about him (in just that 2:14 video).

He has:

-stage presence

-a good singing voice

-his own background going on (he makes it/he’s rhythmic)

-his own harmony going on (he’s melodic)

-his own instruments going on (he’s musically inclined)

-he’s lyrical (he has his own song made up)

-he has his own choreography and style

-a bonus: He’s even got dub/island style! LoL.

..he’s great!


All he needs is a bath and a chance.


At any rate.

You never know someone’s talent (or story):

Here’s further reading for you:

” The Old Man With the Can ” by Angela Sherice



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BET Awards '06 - Show

Purple Reign: PRINCE Signs With Warner Bros & Regains Creative Control

pRINCE_____  Spring solstice is actually the “New Year” and is the universal/astronomical fact that the sun is in constellation Aries (beginning March 21 through April 20). Aries (the first sign of the zodiac) is the sign of the “infant” because it is “first born” of the constellations. It’s kind of like when we “spring clean” : we clean out all the clutter and set out to start anew. Spring is the first season. Flowers blossom and the birds chirp like spring. If there is any great time to start fresh, start anew (or start something new) as per astrology (the planets, and constellations); March 21 through April 20 would be that time (see Chapter 3 /82-91).

Looks like just in time before the sun leaves Aries, our guy Prince is: starting anew.

In a statement released on Friday, April 18, our royal highness stated: “A brand-new studio album is on the way and both Warner Bros. Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship.

Yes, I know the difference between “I” and “eye”-and I didn’t mistype “eye” for ‘I.” That’s a quote by Prince himself. And ‘eye’ assure you-that Gemini was thinking “eye” as in “eye-to-eye”–what he and Warner Bros are seeing now: eye-to-eye.

PRINCE____  If you’re a long time Prince fan (or music aficionado) then you know all too well the big fallout Prince had with his record label: Warner Brothers. He was offered one of the biggest recording contracts unknown to any artist back then (1992) yet, even with the lucrative offer, he would not be in control of his masters, nor would he be able to have creative control of his music going forward. That upset him pretty badly, and that Gemini’s mental and synapses started going to work. If anybody is a master of communication, over-communication, miscommunication, the transmitting of communication or cutting it off (abruptly or otherwise) it’s Gemini (see Chapter 3/Gemini. And like I explained at the beginning (with Aries-starting anew/blossoming lesson), as astrology would have it: anyone (or thing) born during a time when the sun is in that constellation has the qualities of that time period.

One of the best (or worst) things you can do for, or to dual-natured Gemini is let him “think” (depending on the situation pending). When Gemini begins to “think” something’s going to be transmitted. They’re like that red and blue split wire-trying to touch and make a connection while the sound of a radio dials knob is turning from left to right–trying to make that connection. With Gemini, I promise you this-something “electric” tends to happen…when they get to “thinking.” Some  some form of communication (or miscommunication), some form of connection…or disconnection. (For the record, some notorious Gemini’s are: Lauryn Hill/Fugees, Angelina Jolie, Left-Eye/TLC, Coko/SWV, LaToya Jackson, Ice Cube/NWA, Alanis Morrisette, Kanye West…you get the idea).

At any rate, and back to the subject.

For our June 7 royal highness, to remedy his problem (with Warner Bros.), Prince changed his name to a symbolPrince symbol and for years. We had to make due and get uncomfortable with referring to him in one syllable: “Prince” and get used to referring to him in nine: “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” (and a true artist-he was).

Prince_PhotoCred_Kevin Mazur_WireImage for NPG Records 2013  Like said in the move [Purple Rain] “just like his old man (Francis L.),” Prince has artistic ammunition for your a$$. To free himself of the contract, he notoriously rushed the released of five albums in a two-year time span beginning in 1994 (when he changed his name).

Prince  “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince” went on a public crusade letting it be known how he felt about Warner Bros., all the way down to wearing the word “slave” across his face at times (when in public).

PRINCEDAMMIT  Fast forward, Prince refused to be pimped my his record label and as time passed, and the Internet opened its doors to free music being passed around (on MySpace and You Tube and such), that Gemini kicked it into overdrive and made sure his music would not be included in this free-market music [just because the Internet said so]. If you were lucky to snag “Do Me Baby” to play on your MySpace background at opening of your page, your “doing” time-was-a-tickin’ baby, because Prince’s goons were coming for it-stat! Thought you were going to copy those lyrics for your hot night at karaoke? Think again. Better pop that CD in and have at those ears of yours to that speaker to learn those lyrics because, you were not getting some site’s “free lyrics” to any of Prince’s songs. He was not having it!

Prince_PhotoCredit_WENN_ Mats Andersson  It’s been many years since Prince’ fight with his label, and through it all, he still wrote and composed music and he still toured and performed.

Over the years since social media, the reclusive, intensely private multi-talented genius began to peek his head out a little more than ever and gave of a glimpse into Prince” …and of course, I wrote about ‘em all. I’m a Prince freak, okay? Just 3 days ago I bragged this: MyFacebook_AngelaShericeWriter when the question was proposed: “What was your first concert?” Prince broke my concert-cherry (and I was only 13, envy be b|tches).

Prince_PhotoCredit_WENN_ Mats Andersson_2  Well, from the looks of things, he’s also breaking records all over again and signing yet another landmark record deal with non other than Warner Bros (who, according to his new contract, will turn over ownership of all his originally recorded music back over to him right back over to him).

PrincePurpleRain As well, under his new contract, we should be looking forward to an album of all new material, and even one of my timeless FAVORITES: music from the Purple Rain soundtrack (which will be sold as a deluxe edition in honor of its 30th anniversary this year).

Prince_lovelypic  I can’t wait, but in the meantime, between time, and until then follow him @3RDEYEGIRL and enjoy his melodicly genius and funky hot cakes: “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Bon appetite!


Where he dwells: @3RDEYEGIRL


What’s new:

Source: Digital Spy



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JessicaSimpsonBaby_and Hubby

{Out & About} Throwin’ Cuteness to the Wind: JESSICA SIMPSON’S AIR MAX

Jessica Simpson’s hubby (former football pro Eric Johnson) takes a stroll on the beach with their daughter Maxi. And in a candid photo moment, Johnson was captured tossing 22 month-old little Maxi up into the air like a ball, herself.

Jessica Instagrammed the photo with a caption that read: “Maxi and Daddy at the beach. Yikes and Yay. Good Lord! She has NO fear!

This moment is certainly one that goes…up as one of cutest daddy-daughter moments ever!

(But obviously this toss-up didn’t go without the scorn of some of Simpson’s followers who, according to the pic on the right, can calm down now).




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GISELE BUNDCHEN Not Impressed With Making the FORBES LIST (And Being Forced to Call Sam Her Uncle As a Result)

gisele__    Known for walking across many-a-catwalk in cute panties, International super model Gisele Bundchen (right about how) has her panties in a bunch about being audited by the IRS. And well, she thinks that’s the farthest thing from cute (and sexy).

gisele3  Many Americans have flown under the radar and eagle eye of Uncle Sam for suspect tax deductions and filing errors, but according to Bundchen, she believes that the moment she made the Forbes List: all eyes were on her.

While many superstars will be quick to rap or humble-brag about making the Forbes list, Bundchen (who’d spent years on the 2013 Forbes List as being one of the highest paid models having earned $42 million in 2013) doesn’t find it much to brag about [all things considered].

Bundchen told Brazilian publication MdeMulher (via an interview translated from Portugese by Vogue):

gisele__2  “I have been audited in the U.S. because of the Forbes list, and frankly, whether or not I’m in this ranking, I do not care. It’s sad, because the people who write these things don’t have my bank account details,” she explains.

gisele4  “I do OK, I earn plenty, but not as much as they say.”

Gisele Bundchen, wife of Tom Brady, and according to our sources is (quote) “the commissioner of  gargantuan mansions — that may be exactly what happened,” (unquote).


Source: Libby Kane / Business Insider



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JADA PINKETT-SMITH Gives New Meaning to Selfie: Posts Nudie of Her Self on Her Facebook Page

Well from the looks of things and in “hind” sight of that one love scene [in the movie: “Set It Off”], turns out-perhaps it really was Jada (around the :46-51 second).



A photo making its way around the Internet of actress Jada Pinkett-Smith is very demonstrative of the fact that she is embracing her curves.

Over the years, the petite-framed beauty has gone on record to state that not everybody in her family tree is as petite as she, so she never forgets that (when pulling away from the table and being conscious of the fact that we should “eat to live, not live to eat”) as she has gone on record for saying.

bhw4eltceaed33t If you remember, Other Side of the Fame reported (around Oscar time) Jada was worried about fitting into [her Oscar dress] because of the few pounds she had recently put on-so much so that even her friends were noticing.

Well, it’s been weeks since then, and having fit into the dress quite well, she’s obviously okay with what she’s working with-dress off [too], because via her Facebook page this past weekend, she recently posted [a tasteful] nudie of herself embracing her curves with a caption that read:

The human body is beauty, art, creativity, expression, a vessel for the soul, our temple and a magnificent machine. We gotta take care of it. Love on your body today. It’s thee only body you got;)
Happy Saturday:)

I couldn’t agree more.


Get all the G’s about Jada Pinkett-Smith here at Other Side of the Fame


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download (7)

DEBBIE ROWE’in Her Boat Intently Down the Stream

Newly engaged to be married, Debbie Rowe is in the process of sitting all her ducks in a row for the set up: coming home too roost: Gather the chill’ren, and rule her home again. But it certainly is not going without incident.

Not that we all didn’t know she and Michael must have obviously, been very close (platonically) and it’s most probably a die-hard fact that after careful viewing of her early childhood and teen pics of herself, he (obviously) not only trusted her, but thought it’d be good [that she bare children for him], so with that being the case, it’s not too far fetched to think that Michael would not have had a gossip session or two with his chum and baby’s mum: Debbie.

th (1) Last week it was the engagement (to gay porn producer and close friend of Marc Schaffel ).

This week, for some odd reason Debbie felt the need to exhibit just how close she and Michael were by disclosing the contents of one of their gossip sessions where she revealed that Michael said [allegedly]…his brothers were talentless and the only other one in the family with talent was sis Janet.

Full steam ahead, count on the guys at TMZ to put the APB on Jermaine too run up on him to get his response [about the alleged diss from the dead].

In true TMZ form, they found their target [Jermaine] on route to his parked SUV nearby non-other than a hair store at a strip mall somewhere in L.A..

When asked about Debbie Rowe [claiming Michael said he and his brothers were talentless] Jermaine defended it by saying there would be no Michael Jackson without his [“talentless?”] brothers. Although that may very well be true, let’s be honest:

That doesn’t change the fact that we all know Michael Jackson spent the majority of his singing years solo and hey…he could have very well forgotten (or been so far removed from feeling the need to ingratiate himself and attribute his solo success to the backup of brothers) that he very well may have said it.

*throws the granny index finger*

th (3)  But shame on you Debbie Rowe!

What a shame that she would drop snippets of she and Michael’s gossip sessions when the guy is resting in peace while she is planting seeds for the takeover and preparing herself for an Armageddon like seeking to remove her two birth children [and the Blanket] from comforts of the Jackson compound.

Although even during the strip mall ambush with TMZ cameras and microphone in his face giving him the G’s [on Deb’s diss from the dead], when asked if he would attend her wedding, Jermaine was still kind and diplomatic. He politely stated that he indeed would go “if-she-invite-me.”

Despite Deb’s plans, swipes and jabs; Jermaine says he had always been the nice one in the family, towards Debbie. He said that he was always the one who treated her well who went out of his way to make her feel part of the family and welcome when no one else would.

download (8)Unfortunately, Debbie Rowe’s feelings for Jermaine aren’t mutual, because one of her claims (and concerns) while seeking to get custody of the three children is that Jermaine is (quote) “creepy and inappropriate.”

article-2588793-1C89BFF300000578-409_634x449  Well, the battle is on, as new claims are developing that not only is she concerned with the fact that the Jackson matriarch: Katherine, is getting old and therefore, is not as involved with the children as are their younger relatives [the children of their uncle’s children] but too, she is disgusted with her son Prince’s language and fears that article-2588793-1C89C08500000578-253_306x700 Blanket is most vulnerable. As a result of all that, despite the fact that she herself admits that she is not as close of Prince Michael (or him-her) as she and Paris are to one another, the fact of the matter is, she is still in the process of pursuing legal guardianship of them all.

prince-paris-jackson Although all this sounds like perfect timing, considering the fact that the first two cash-cow’s are coming of age and it’s time to open the pearly gates on that estate, Rowe insists that her sole interest in being granted guardianship is strictly because of her concerns over there welfare-not their estate (which too, comes as a package deal wherever they are rooted-goes without saying).

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see how this all plays out, especially when the theatrics and secret weapon that was highly publicized about Paris’ attempt to commit suicide is used as the biggest leverage in it all. That, compounded with the fact that she gave her kids up for $6 million dollars (and an every 45 day visit) just might play out nicely in front of the poor judge who should be so lucky enough to get this case on his/her docket.


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Source: Barbara Neefer/AP , TMZ


Rapper NAS’ Documentary: “Time Is Illmatic” Premiers at 13th Annual Tribeca Film Festival

download (12)
 Although it is always a subject up for debate [and is as subjective a decision as is the opinion is relative to the beholder] of that Nas’ 1994 classic “Illmatic” should no longer [or always should] continue to be celebrated and held in the reigns of being one of Hip-Hop’s classics (classic enough to keep rapper Nas in the rankings of being one of Hip-Hop’s greatest of all times), the fact of the matter is Tribeca and Robert DeNiro thinks so.

download (13)  The 13th Annual Tribeca Film Festival (co-founded by DeNiro), kicked off its festivities in New York City yesterday with the premier of “Time is Illmatic”-a documentary based upon Nas’ landmark, nine track 1994 album: “Illmatic.” Directed by filmmaker One9, and written by writer Erik Parker, film takes a look at the Queensbridge [New York] native and its housing project [affectionately named after the city], Nas’ parents, and early Hip-Hop and the 80’s in Queens [New York] as forces that shaped the rapper Nas which in turn (and ultimately) made for an album like “Illmatic” [now: documentary about him and it all].

Despite its roots, the setting, the premise, and all involved; this night was all but “quicker than a New York minute.”

download (14)  After the movie’s premiere-still in  New York state of mind, with the assist of Alicia Keys on piano, Nas performed, reminisced, pulled his brother onstage and thanked all the friends and family along the way for being instrumental in his career, his life and ultimately being the force and inspiration behind the album-now being hailed and celebrated in yet another big way, deservedly so.

The “I Know I Can” rapper, stated: “Whoever you are, you can be anything,” Nas told the audience.


Source: Jake Coyle/Associated Press

Photo credit (Header): Andy Kropa/Invision/AP


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SALLIE RICHARDSON-WHITFIELD Plays the Legendary LENA HORNE in BioPlay: The Lady Must Live

images (6)  images (5)
 Most notably Salli Richardson is well-known for playing “Angela”-the hot, sexy love-interest of Keenan Ivory Wayans, and alongside Jada-Pinkett Smith, in the called “Low-Down Dirty Shame” however, download (9) Salli first caught everyone’s attention on the big screen  acting alongside Stephen Baldwin and download (10) Mario Van Peebles in the movie “Posse” along with several other industry greats.

A working actor since the moment she stepped on the scene and since then, has gone on to producing and now, is set to star in the role in her life-well… someone else’s.

For years, Hollywood’s been threatening us with just who would be playing Lena Horne in a biopic (from everybody like Alicia Keys to Halle Berry and a few others rumored to have been reading for the role).

Well, now we’ve got the final answer: actor/singer/producer Salli Richardson-Whitfield has gone on to take the role beyond promise: it’s brought to fruition, finally.

download (11)  The triple-threat herself is playing Lena Horne in a bioplay called “The Lady Must Live.”

images (2)  Born June 30, 1917 and gone to glory in May of 2010, Lena Horne voice, face, (and “way”) are most unforgettable.

download (6) Many of us younger generations would probably most remember Lena Horne from images (1) Sesame Street, and as Glynda The Good Witch in “The Wiz” starring Diana Ross and the late Michael Jackson.

Later into the years, our generation would most remember her face and voice from an episode of the widely popular Cosby Show where, she brought art to life by playing herself as a nightclub singer, singing for [Cliff] Huxtable’s birthday.

images (3)  Nightclub singing is where Horne’s root lay.

download (8)  At age sixteen she joined and performed at the Cotton Club before moving to Hollywood where she got small parts and numerous movies and larger roll in films but due to her left-leaning political views she eventually found herself getting blacklisted and unable to get work in Tinseltown and from there-found herself returning back to her roots as a nightclub performer and on television.

download (7) Although she announced that she would be retiring in March 1980, the very next year she starred on Broadway in her one-woman show called: “Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music” (which ran more than 300 performances) and earned Lena Horne’s countless awards and accolades. She continued performing and recording periodically (and released her 40th CD called “Just Being Myself”) where, before disappearing altogether from the public eye around 2000, she performed the single from the CD on the Rosie O’Donnell Show in 1998.


What better way to honor her legacy than to finally bring her story to life in a bioplay “The Lady Must Live: Inside the Imaginary Mind of Lena Horne” by Rikki Beadle-Blair.”

SallieRichardWhitfiedl_LenaHorne  Various songs for her catalogue will be performed [by Richardson-Whitfield who, I had NO idea could sing! She's an awesomely good match and fit for Lena Horne and has got some chops! Who knew!]


1017769_861168500565106_5940638379034782054_n  The bioplay takes place at the point of Horne’s one woman show “The Lady and Her Music” where backstage Hornes struggles to rework her show to display her life story with more candor as she recants stories of her dead mother, husband, and son and dearest friend (gay black composer Billy Strayhorn)-all of whom died tragically early as Lena Horne “helps recreate and debate her highly subjective memories” [in the bioplay]. As well, the story tells of what it took, then, for Lena Horne to make it in this life as an African American entertainer and working mother. The bioplay goes back into Lena Horne’s Cotton Club days, MGM movie days, her secret interracial marriage, and too-her years during the times she was blacklisted.

“I was unique in that I was a kind of black that white people could accept. I was their daydream. I had the worst kind of acceptance because it was never for how great I was or what I contributed. It was because of the way I looked” – Lena Horne

Lena Horne was of mixed race and born at a time when, because of the way she looked; she could [do what’s folks called: “pass”]—pass for/by/be among whites for not being that “one kind of black” where she was “not too black,” yet and still, Lena Horne’s life and past was far from such that it “got a pass” in any way, shape, or form.

images (4)  As well, you can catch Sallie Richardson-Whitfield on her reoccurring role on BET’s Being Mary Jane starring as Gabrielle Union/Mary Jane’s longtime friend.

Although we don’t know if her role will be indefinitely or not, but she is set to star in at least five episodes.

In the meantime, show your support by tweeting



#kickstarter campaign and by visiting Kickstarter to make a pledge and to find out more details about the bioplay.


Source: YouTube, Wikipedia, Rikki Beadler-Blair



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{Out & About} ZOE KRAVITZ Sports New Blonde Do

  Fresh off this past weekend’s “Coachella” festival-having performed with her band, “Divergent” star Zoe Kravitz steps out on the red carpet this past Tuesday at a Jimmy Choo event in Los Angeles, showing off her new blonde tresses and brow.


Source: TooFab

Photo credits: Getty Images



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Tears of Joy: PHARRELL. (Happy) .


…(Click last pic).

…So you know I fancy myself some self-proclaimed musicologist, right? And in the archives of my music-laden mind, there was a song by [producer Jazzy Phe's mom] Deniece Williams called: “Do What You Feel, If It Feels Real Good To You.” And like that song…do what you feel if it feels real good to you. Because like that song ["Happy"], just like Pharrell said: it could get no airplay and no one wanted it. But he and his wife felt (and said): “This feels good.”

Your vision and what feels good to you may not register with “people” …But it’s YOUR vision and responsibility to see it through. Don’t worry about them, because once you see it through, those “people” will see it too…

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In: “We’re Finally About-To-Do-Some’n-Kimye-Can’t-Do” News

Say: ‘Eat the cake! Annie Mae. Say eat the Cake!” -Jay Z (“Drunk in Love”)

Hint: Ike and Tina Revue 2.0


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KATHERINE JACKSON Sued for $800,000

It’s one thing to add insult to injury.

It’s an altogether different thing to spit acquit [on] someone’s grave.

But as much as even I can play on words, I haven’t the words to find for a situation about someone who has to foot the bill [after both].
Although she lost the lawsuit after the five month fight, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos ruled on Monday, April 14 that as a result of her filing a suit on concert promoter AEG Live L.L.C [alleging they negligently hired the Dr. Conrad Murray who, as well all know, was the cause of her son: Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009 after receiving an overdose of the anesthetic Propofol, which Murray was routinely administering to Jackson as a sleep aid] matriarch Katherine Jackson is will now be ordered to pay them-AEG-more than $800,000 in legal expenses.

The trial ended this past October [2013] where the jury determined AEG was not negligent on hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of causing the King of Pop’s death as he was preparing for the comeback tour.

AEG sought to sue $1.2 million but Jackson’s camp claimed that only about 1/3 of that amount was justified. The ruling to sue Jackson [for the 800k] will be finalized upon AEG providing costs incurred for court filing fees, reporters, travel and other expenses. According to sources, although Katherine Jackson may appeal it after reviewing the finalized ruling, she agreed not to argue the judges ruling.

The promoters will be paid from the estate of Michael Jackson (which has earned millions since his death) and borne by Katherine Jackson and Michael’s three kids: Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Michael, who was notorious for getting loans on capital and rumored to be in grave debt while he lived, is now dead and gone but now-debt free. His estate has paid off all his debts and the remaining [“millions”] are left for schooling, the care of his three children and his mother how now has to subtract about 800k from those [millions].

With Dr. Murray out of jail after serving just five years for involuntary manslaughter for the death of Michael Jackson and now, being sued by the company in which the mother feels is responsible for even bringing Murray into Michael Jackson’s life; it must be heartbreaking three-times over for the attorneys of AEG (Marvin Putnam), who will indeed be getting monies for his client, for costs incurred (and could have very well remained deathly silent, but instead, only had this to say): “[the court did the right thing] by ordering Katherine Jackson to pay nearly $1 million spent in having to defend a matter that she should have never brought in the first place.”


Source: Anthony McCartney/Associated Press


Photo credit: Matt Sayles/Associated Press


MIMI FAUST Leaks: “Scandal in Atlanta”

When the desperation begins, let the copulation ascend.

Although around the 1:30 point in the video she states:First of all I’m not sucking no d|ck in public

MimiFaust ..obviously, a lot has changed:

Ok…FOR the public does mean something altogether different (I’ll give her that), but for PUBLICITY, (so we now see)…

At any rate.

I won’t argue semantics, nor are we going to get into psychoanlayzing why Mimi Faust (a woman who, on the last three seasons of her reality show “Love and Hip Hop”) spent and incredible amount of time camera time [in that notorious cry-talking voice of hers] fighting to prove her:

  • great-momness
  • “bad bitch”ness
  • thoroughness


  • “self-made”ness

…Given that, I don’t know what would possess her to go out and make a sex tape at this point in time.

I dunno, who am I to ask (because I’m not judging-just reporting). And (in her defense) it seems as though once you hit that rah-rah mama reality show circuit, your expectation to show and prove that you are balling hard is what actually gets “turnt” [up]-so let’s blame it on tier pressure.

Vivid Entertainment (who’s also known for producing MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s  co(kbusters blockbusters  and most notoriously: Kim Kardashians and Ray J’s; is being credited for being instrumental in preparing Mimi major stardom y’all.

The sex tape was rumored to have been a personal sex tape that got leaked [somehow].

I know. I know guys. At this point in 2014, we are all over anything being “leaked” (other than leaking faucets), but do know that this tape [leaked by Faust] somehow landed in Vivid Entertainment’s head man’s hands…

But according to TMZ, Vivid’s head man says he got a hold of the tape that co-stars Mimi’s rebound-from-Stevie-J-boo: Nikko Smith.

Vivid’s head man then contacted the   d|cking doting couple to sign on and go public. They did.

Obviously Mimi’s reality show producers had her blessing-obviously [thinking?] this will spike an even greater interest in the show for next season.

Just so you know, the tape has a title already: “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.” And according to TMZ, the tape is “intense.”

Judging from the 5uck faces of Mimi (alone in the regard), it just very well may be [intense...for her only].

We are also going to overlook the fact that at least if you’re going to make a sex tape, 5uck in the lap of luxury-even if you have to go out and rent the scene for a day. Nothing is a better turn on and sets a woman off to higher heights than 5ucking in unfamiliar place–they shouldn’ve opted for that (rented) scene, especially considering the fact that they knew the world would be seeing it.

The tape [without the prettiness of Mimi], otherwise looks like gay porn on a bed and in a scene looking every bit like a bed-bug would sure come crawling out at any minute.

All I have to say (according to the pics of the video thus far): make sure that not only the feeling is mutual, but too, make sure the 5uck faces are mutual, too.

Source: TMZ




{Out & About} NAOMI, MARY, & SHARON in Brazil

ShapeMag ‘s COVERGIRLS: Mary J. Blige , Sharon Stone , Naomi Campbell

I hit’em first:
  maryj20f-1-web MARY
article-0-1b942ede00000578-910_634x857-1  SHARON
naomi   NAOMI



Happy: PHARRELL Sits Down With OPRAH Sunday Night on OWN #OprahPrime

You say: “hospitality.”

I say: “hatspitality.”

Let’s call the whole thing on.

If you’re feeling anything like a “room without a roof,” hey, hey—then from the looks of things, you’re going to have to be in the audience of the room without one, in which music phenom: Pharrell Williams and television talk show mogul: Oprah Winfrey, will have their first-ever sit-down this coming Sunday night on OWN at 9…and at 8 Central Standard Time.

The two powerhouses in their own right-begin their sit down making their way to one another while Pharrell’s infectious Grammy-nominated song: “Happy” plays overhead.

They dance towards one another, hug, hold hands and begin to dance.

Oprah: “When I see you, I just wanna dance.”

They say great minds think alike.

As the two make their way to their [respective] seats to begin the interview, each take a moment out to bestow respect due by simultaneously giving one hailing:

Pharrell hails the [talk show] Queen.

The talk show Queen hails the boy who would be [music’s King]: Pharrell Williams.



It’s obvious that at some time within the interview, the talk show queen extended her hospitality by letting the music phenom take the floor. He flipped through his electronic device and proceeded to play a little music trivia [we’re guessing] to test the talk show queen’s music savvy.

Results: She passed.

It began with Pharrell playing Stevie Wonder’s “Do I Do.”

Oprah knew the song so well that she even knew of the two different versions—she knew that the song had a “10 minute version” [where late into the song, Wonder adlibs back and forth with various musically inclined ways of saying and singing the words: “Do I Do.”]

“Okay. I have to go here” says Pharrell.

The Gap Band’s “Early in the Morning,” was next on the play list and Oprah sings right on cue.

It takes two to make a thing go right and she’s right on it.

Next in line was the catchy rap classic “It Takes Two [To Make a Thing Go Right]” by rapper Rob Base featuring DJ EZ Rock. It was obvious that Oprah couldn’t recall the name of the song or who the song was by but she did know one truth about the song as she yelled: “Oh my God. Every picnic Memorial Day that song will be played.”

Pharrell goes on to press ‘play’ onto his playlist and “The Scenario” by rap group “Tribe Called Quest” plays. Pharrell explains that song is the reason why he makes music to this day…

Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” begins to play next and immediately sparked up nostalgia for Oprah: “Oh my God!” she yelled excitedly

…Oprah knew the song from the first note in.

You’ll have to tune in on Sunday, April 12 find out the rest.

We do know however, that Pharrell wore the hat…not “The Hat”, we all know it was auctioned off for charity and bought by the Arby’s fast food chain.

But he still owns a sleuth of the Vivienne Westwood fedoras and even extends his hatspatality to the talk show queen who extended her hospitality to the music phenom.

Tune in to OWN Television April 12 at 9/8 central and tweet #OprahPrime to join the conversation:





We Are Gathered Here Today in Holy Michael-Money: DEBBIE ROWE Engaged to Be Married, Rumored to Want Custody of PARIS, PRINCE (And BLANKET)

The cash cow is coming of age, love is in the air, and the rooster is coming to nest.

prince-paris-jackson Debbie Rowe, 55, former nurse and ex-wife and mother of the first two children of the late Michael Jackson’s two children [Paris, 16 and Prince Michael Jackson,17], is engaged to be married again-to Marc Schaffel th (2) (gay porn producer and well-documented long-time friend of Michael Jackson’s). Rowe met Schaffel when he was working for Michael Jackson, and over the years, their friendship evolved.

th  Sources say the two have been splitting time spent with one another between her Palmdale home and his L.A home.

th (1) According to reports, this all came about when Schaffel proposed about three weeks ago and Rowe declined, thinking that at the time, she had terminal cancer. On “Hump Day” this past week, after finding out she was indeed over that lump and learning that her lymph node irregularities were because of a non life-threatening an auto-immune disease [called Sarcoidosis]; she changed her mind and said: “I Will,” (no official date has been set yet). Rowe tells TMZ (about her kids): “They’ve known him since they were little” and ‘They like him a lot.” She also expressed: “He loves me, knows my kids, loves my kids and we’ll see where this goes.”

Michael Jackson, Debbie Rowe  th (3) Eighteen years ago [1996 while six months pregnant with son Prince Michael] although they lived separately (never together as husband and wife), Rowe and the King of Pop married in Sydney Australia. In 1999, their divorce was final and the provisions and circumstances were as follows:

Rowe received a $6 million dollar settlement and agreed to give up custody of the kids with a visit allowed every 45 days.

Now here’s the OTHER SIDE to all of this:

1230-paris-debbiemother-daughter-gallery-480w  According to reports, Rowe is now considering pursuing legal guardianship of not only her two children (Paris and Prince) but [and this is redeemable, I must say]…as well: Blanket Jackson (who to date, we are all clueless about who is biological mom is). Insider sources say that Debbie Rowe has been worried about the environment the children are living in at guardian/grandmother/Jackson matriarch: 83 year-old Katherine Jackson’s Calabasas. As well, Rowe is growing more and more concerned with the frequent absence of co-guardian: TJ Jackson [in exchange for?] for the frequent presence of the kids’ uncles [Jermaine, Marlon, Tito, Jackie].

Although all this sounds like a takeover is underway (looking/seeing as though she is about to be looking like the happily wedded wife in a stable home) from there, Rowe is sitting all her ducks in a row in preparation for Prince Michael and Paris’ and the coming of age; she insists she is not in search of a payday, but would have the kids move to her Palmdale horse ranch.

Paris, who if you remember, reportedly tried to commit suicide last June [2013] and was hospitalized then shipped off to a boarding school for treatment in Utah. Just recently, she was seen out with brother Blanket and [co-guardian cousin] TJ’s kids in Southern California last month.



paris-jackson-debbie-rowe-together-05-480w It has gone on record that Rowe honestly stated she was closer to Paris than she was to Prince.

Paris was seen with her mom over the holidays out on a Hawaiian vacation.


Rowe was asked to testify in the August 2013 wrongful death trail [of Dr. Conrad Murray] where [she said of Paris about the death of Michael Jackson and her apparent suicide attempt]: Debbie-Rowe-Engaged-583x330  “I almost lost my daughter. She is devastated. She tried to kill herself.… She doesn’t feel like she has a life anymore.”
Source: LATimes


Photo Credit: WENN, Splash News Online, Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

images (2)

The Association for Good-Looking People: ROB LOWE Says There is Bias Against The Good-Looking

Rob Lowe in all his fine glory can indeed just say some things because he [can indeed] back it up.

images  Lowe is making his rounds ‘round the media circuit in promoting his second memoir: “Love Life” where in it, he talks about a bias against good-looking people. He states that in his “Brat Pack” days, he couldn’t score meaningful roles and now-he can: “There’s this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can’t be in pain or they can’t have rough lives or be deep or interesting. They can’t be any of the things that you long to play as an actor. I’m getting to play those parts now and loving it. When I was a teen idol, I was so goddamn pretty I wouldn’t have taken myself seriously, ” says Lowe.

rob-lowe-rob-lowe-22514812-1148-1641  Even at 50, Rob Lowe (with his boyish good looks and masculine squared jaw) is still managing to get work.

images (2)  He recently just starred in NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” where (although not deep, or interesting or meaningful) he’s actually funny in the role, and when he was asked why he thought people were surprised that he was funny, he continues:  “Again, there’s a historical bias that good-looking people are not funny.”

images (5) For the record, let it also be known that the first sex tape didn’t begin in the Information Age. In 1988 (one that starred him) was leaked and Lowe attributes the fact the catalyst [and he-the connoisseur] was the original Don-da-da of the sex tape.

images (4)  Things are falling into place for the good-looking guy and it seems that art is imitating life for him-all over again. He will be co-starring in a movie called “Sex-Tape”, a story about a man whose intimate video of he and his wife is accidentally shared with friends.

images (3)  Lowe was asked if the movie’s story line could exist without the scandal-to that he replied: “Absolutely not. Considering I pioneered the field, it’s high time I actually made some money in it.

Lowe assures us all that he’s certainly no narcissist and about every six months or so, he give himself a self-check and asserts that the learned men of psychiatry assure him that he meets none of the medical criteria [associated with being narcissistic].

images (1)  Well I’m guessing if he knew how admirable, respectful of the fact, and how well I thought of him-a celebrity-(good looks and all) taking the time out to literally do it like real writers do (who earn their way on New York Times’ Best Sellers lists because of their work-no ghostwriter…and not because their celebrity/popularity fame got them there), that would probably be too much for his ego to know, ya think?

I guess I’ll save my fan mail :)