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Raven Symone ghetto names

Despite Her ‘Ghetto’ Hairstyles (and ‘Ghetto’ Name?) ‘RAVEN SYMONE’ Won’t Hire YOU With a ‘Ghetto’ Name + Don’t We All Perceive People By Their Names?


Smart Girl Gems On What To Do Once You Break His Code

kanye kardashians

Be Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get….Stuck With It: How KANYE’s Latest Interview Proves He Needs To Understand That Even The KARDASHIAN’s Have An Industry ‘Limit’

rocky at the mountaintop

Living By Default or Free Will v. Destiny | Intention v. Attention: How To Know When Your Purpose In Life Has Been Introduced To You


FARRAH FRANKLIN’s ‘Management Team’ Refutes DESTINY’s CHILD Tell-All Rumors + Why FARRAH And Her Team Needs To Take A Page Out Of BEYONCE & DESTINY’s CHILD’s Blueprint and ‘Book’

Amber Wiz post Slut walk

WIZ KHALIFA Shows Support of AMBER ROSE Post #SlutWalk + Why This Means It Was A Success Afterall


JANET’s “Unbreakable” Breaks a Leg


EMPIRE Soars Then Slips And 50 Cent Quips: ‘It’s Those Gay Plots’



Netflix and Chill

“NETFLIX & Chill?” – No, Really. Come Get Up On This.

Amber VMAs

Will AMBER ROSE’s “Slut Walk” Make Head Way For A Woman To Comfortably Co-Exist Wearing Her ‘Slut’ On Her Sleeve?


Clean Shaven, Free of Himself, and Out of His Own Way, TOM HANKS’ Son CHET HANKS Is Back With A New Leash on Life

142511, Jaden Smith and his new girlfriend Sarah Snyder spotted out and about in NYC. The young couple could be seen being affectionate towards each other with Sarah comforting Jaden when he appeared to be tired. New York, New York - Tuesday September 15, 2015. USA - JUSA, AUS, NZ, SOUTH AFRICA, CHINA, & JAPAN ONLY Photograph: © CRYSTAL, PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office: +1 310.822.0419 FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE

JADEN SMITH’s Shoplifting Significant Other “SARAHFUCKINGSNYDER” Wears Her Mugshot Proudly

Will and willow smith

MR. & MISS SMITH’s Big News This Week: WILLOW SMITH Lands Major Modeling Contract & WILL SMITH’s Grammy Nominated “Fiesta” Drops

Breast Cancer Awareness Month FYI



GLORY JOHNSON Court-Ordered 20 Minutes Max To Get All Belongings Out of She & BRITTNEY GRINER’s Home + GRINER Suspended

game show network

In NYC Between October 5 – 9 And Would Like To Be On A Gameshow ? My Friend Danielle Is Looking For You!

derrick rose

Chicago Bulls’ DERRICK ROSE Asserts Accuser Consented To Group Sex + The Foul In ‘Dating’ Ball Players & Celebs – Things Every Woman Should Know

Jay Z on Brooklyn

JAY Celebrates TIDAL Having Gone Platinum with ‘TIDAL X 10/20’ Brooklyn Concert+ Why TIDAL Is Still ‘Successful’ & In The Running During Rough The Terrain

kelly michelle beyonce

Former DESTINY’s CHILD Member Rumored To Soon Drop Tell-All…Starring BEYONCE

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