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Anne Frank

Enlightening. Ennobling. Empowering.
Open. Outspoken. Frank: ANG FRANK.
So who is AngFrank?

I am writer-author-publisher: Angela Sherice-a pop culture pundit and “would’ve-been” journalist.
An artist and innovator that designs linens & livelihood, blogs lifestyle/entertainment, and fancies myself an ‘intimacist’ and interpersonal enthusiast and lover of real[istic] talk about all things concerning to human people!

An ‘extreme self-esteem’ advocate who believes most all problems can be resolved with communication.

So as to provoke thought and contemplation, like in my books, here, on podcast, is where I am most ‘human’-regardless if am pow wow’ing about music/arts & entertainment, intimacy/sex & relationships, career & business, self-improvement & self-efficacy, love & life, society’s shenanigans or anything I randomly wish to get off of her heart and mind.

In an effort to find a solution and leveled end-game (on this world playing field of often times lopsided love and life), up to and including pop culture/current event tie-ins; if it relates to the human condition, plight and real life: I am game. I am on it. I am all over it, and all up in it!


What All Do You Do On AngFrankPodcast Show?

Ang is my name.

Frank is who what Ang is: natural.

I’m an introspective and reflective writer and conversationalist.

So like Anne Frank kept a ‘diary,‘ AngFrank blogs, writes and speaks only of subjects by which I’ve had personal experience with-which is a lot-because I do a lot of living. loving, yearning and learning. So via podcast, I share a lot of lots.

I am no holds barred, frankly. Ang IS frank. That’s why I picked that name for my podcast.

[The word ]”Podcasts” is the new age name but MY podcasts are conversation pieces of a digital one-woman “show” of sorts: Sorting things out for myself, while (sometimes) providing answers and a bit of closure and epiphanies for those who know me personally or are new to me. But all times thought x feeling-provoking and enlightening for all, by way of discussing topics in the news/society or popular culture (as segues)-but discourse as it matters to everyday people. 

I speak about everything I am passionate or feel personal about, or am an advocate of. 

I champion extreme self-esteem and self-preservation and am a chronic intimacist by all means, at every level, for all intents and purposes!

Behind the Podcast Curtains/On Record

I might sing or record sound bites of commentary that compel me to when I am blogging-to support what I might be blogging about or whatever. Either way, as I say in my “About Me” in old personal WordPress blog: I am out-standing, outspoken, well-versed and unrehearsed. Period.

As well, I like to give my listeners a brief segue or written intro about what each podcast is about (because although the conversation may be about “a” particular thing) often times, in my podcasts-other things are touched upon, too. So I try and jot notes down to remember to provide any necessary video content or links to whatever I may discuss-that you might want to explore further. Such things are best served on site, herelike such.

I AM a very busy girl but (as owner of several media brands and living and loving life), I am NEVER out of something to offer, add and say. I ROUTINELY jot down what I need to record and am getting real intentional about getting these pods recorded. It is important too, for me.


In addition to GENUINE honest slants and my insistence on breaking the monotony of empty, pretentious dialogue while adhering to the premise of this very blog site (and anywhere I write)

I write and speak to make sense of “sensation” (sensationalism). I seek to understand, to be understood and frankly; to help you understand & be understood. Not because I’m seeking endorsements or validation. I’m not pretentious or premeditated. 

I do not write, post, or speak just to be quote-promoted. I write, post and speak to send YOU on a quest to learn and apply, to provoke thought, feeling or consideration of the big picture from all angles.

As well, my reason for podcasting is because with social media posts, blog posts and such, it is soooooo easy for audiences (you) to misconstrue the written language and play voices and tones in your own head (subjectively vs. objectively).

Podcasting is my way of setting MY ‘tone’ and not letting people make up for me-who they think I am or want me to be centered around their reading words and thinking (or personal feelings).

So do know, podcasting is JUST a must for me as your anticipation and interest in them being posted. 

At any rate.

In the meantime and in between time; if you want something shuffled in and record/answered before that and you’ve got something you want to ask me to drop a pod about, tap here


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