What 21 Days Did ‘4’ BEYONCE That Too, Could Do For You


Beyond still life (in pics), when Beyonce steps out to speak, an “exclusive” television spot is nearly an Armageddon pretty much.

Despite the opposite pre-nuptials and as separate entities, seeing as though throughout most of all their years as a couple, Beyonce and her husband Jay Z sorta went into this self-induced enigmatic like bubble they put themselves in-it would seem their Tidal woes were steps ordered by the Gods-in forcing them into a kind of transparency that for years, they pretty much owed their fans while being on the run with one another (seeming as though they were out of touch with + knew, or cared about nothing outside of the world they created for themselves).

This new transparency is subtly  “#newrules” of sorts that’s actually working for them on some level, were all else seems to be sinking.

That being said………………….(despite fans being pissed-thinking her “big announcement had to do with anything but food), we won’t call it a campaign but rather a cam-plain. Oh…nothing ‘major:’

Rather than her norm of playing her typical Instagram enigmatic Blues Clues-like game of connect the pics, Queen Bey took to the cameras of Good Morning America and unveiled her latest passion project.Beyonces-Big-Surprise-Is-Her-22-Day-Diet-Revolution-VIDEO

Given that she didn’t have to roll out the red carpet for this info, and despite pissing eagerly awaiting fans off to the level of highest pissitivity, it’s still good news (just…crack of dawn, early Monday morning news).CENTVFVW0AI1hZw

In conjunction with the author and trainer Mark Borges of the book called “The 22-Day Revolution” by which Beyonce’s latest diet lifestyle change was adopted, the singing powerhouse decided to share her secret she’s being keeping while her body did all the talking to us, notably at this past May’s Met Gala where she unveiled her new, slimmer physical self in a nearly nude studded gown-leaving tongues wagging and wondering what, if anything she was eating!image2

Well wonder no more.Beyonce-Vegan

In a Good Morning America “exclusive”, Beyonce confirmed that she transitioned to a complete vegan lifestyle which consists of (rather than the diet craze norm: low carbs high protein), hers consist of a high carb, low protein diet consuming mostly plant-based food and product.

Just so we’re clear on the difference between what being a vegetarian is, versus being vegan is, it’s as simple as this:



Vegetarians eat fish and fowl (chicken) but do not each meat (pork or beef) however, they do consume meat-based products like dairy (milk, cheese, eggs).

Vegans however, do not eat any: fish, chicken meat, or meat-based products like dairy products.

  • The 22 Day Revolution diet/lifestyle change basically suggest staying out of the center of the grocery store isles and buying from the outskirts of it as, the center isles contains all the processed foods.
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Exercise 30 minutes a day

Under the basic/universal [scientific] premise that most anything in which we desire change of habit, scientists suggest studies have shown that any habit we download (26)wish to give up or get out of the cycle or habit of (whether it be food, friend, or fowl) 21-days free of anything is sort of the catalyst and foundation that serves as a kind of springboard to get us on our way-it’s a mental, physical and spiritual detoxing of sorts.


Well according to this new lifestyle change, this is precisely what Beyonce did to begin her new life vegan and it’s no wonder that she feels connected to the “22 Day Revolution” as, 2+2 = 4 which (ironically?)  is the “4” album singer’s favorite number as December 4 is to Jay Z’s birthday as September 4 is to Beyonce’s birthday as April 4 is the Jay Z and Beyonce’s wedding anniversary day.

beyonce (1)

She looks great, and its no wonder that the “22 Revolution” might very well have been in the cards for her!


All things considered, a vegetarian (and especially a vegan) diet can be quite expensive.

Expensive to the extent that

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