Overzealous Cop Put On Leave For Crashing Pool Party + Using Excessive Force on Teens

The back story on this story is as simple as this:

Innocent teens causing no ruckus, simply enjoying themselves at a residential pool party located in a predominately white neighborhood.
Remember? It’s 2015, and whomever the teens where that invited their friends…ya know…had a few black friends as well.

Well. Therein swam the problem:
The residents became “concerned” about the “mob” and called the police.

As you’ll see on the tape, nothing violent or out of control was going on except from one person: One extreeeeeeeeemely overzealous cop who showed up on the scene in full war plight-such that his emotion didn’t even match the atmosphere.

Watch, as you’ll see how he proceeds to yell countless expletives and other foul language while handling these innocent boys (and a girl) like cattle lined up for slaughter.

As well pay attention to his use of the word “get your ‘butt’ outta here” (where talking to the white kid holding the camera. Yet, the “mob” needs to get their “a$$es” outta there and down.

This cop is nuts:


Reportedly, this horrific scene (located in McKinney, Texas ) took place on June 5th and

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