No Honor Amongst Bees: BEYONCE’s Beyhive Swarms on HER This Time

Beyonce’s  InDaNet disciples a.k.a “The Beyhive” (an incessant swarm of young kids that surely are unBEYknowingly embarrassments to their parent’s intended upbringing of them all: All things opposite running around on the Internet harassing people who should dare say one word anti-Beyonce) have now turned on their Queen mama Bey.

Just ask our friends at E!



You see, apparently, this “big announcement” turned “exclusive”:  an interview given to GMA this morning regarding Queen Bey’s new business venture—having all things doing with, and in line with honey (versus her sweet, humming sounds they all were expecting); has them all swarming on her.

In retaliation for this announcement that obviously had them on the edges of their edges and seats, the “Beyhive” commixed to stinging her with every food on the emoticon and emoji in their phone’s repertoire that has anything to do with: beef, ham, chicken and any other food that is the antithesis of her “big announcement” and new venture: Adopting a Vegan lifestyle.


Author: OSFMagWriter

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