Why KIM KARDASHIAN’s Going To Have To Hurry Up And Decide If She’s Going To Be The Lady (Or The Tramp)

WBette Midler Responds To Kim Kardashians Nude Selfiee’ve all done things we’re not so proud of and once evolved, would like nothing more than to do away with it and move on.

The problem with that is same as the belief in “first impressions” [being lasting ones].

While even before opening our mouths to make (or break) an impression of our self, (by observation of us) to whom [it] is concerned has already pretty much decided (before any words or actions even take place). But once those first words (or first actions) take life-they happen to manifest (as being very much apart of our reality as perceived by the beholder).Kim Kardashian Fires Back At Bette Midler Regarding Nude Selfies
Such is true life for Kim Kardashian who notoriously earned her name as that of the household kind by first being known for a sex tape with R&B singer Brandy’s brother Ray J’s even before the world ever knew (or cared) that she first worked for Brandy and was the daughter of famous O.J. Simpson trial attorney Robert Kardashian.

Fast forward, several famous boyfriends, a couple of husbands, two kids later and a family “brand” name built on all things having put out there in Kim Kardashian Nude Selfie Backfiressocial media-made famous (and ultimately being famous for being famous), its no wonder that with (now) being afforded a life of cashing “80 million dollars checks” and “depositing 53 million” into a joint account, one would understandably want to take their past trash out with the trash now that their finances speak anything but.

The past couple days back story began when “The Divine Miss M” and Beast of Burden, singer-actress Bette Midler showed up with some divine intervention by insinuating that is Kim Kardashian has anything else about herself worth sharing (that we haven’t already seen) she would have to swallow a camera to take a selfie.

See what had happened was, in an impromptu moment that Kim assumed would be met with “ckee-ckee” cuteness, Kim did what’s pretty much expected at her by this time-posted a nudie. However, considering the caption accommodating the pic

When you’re like, I have nothing to wear.”

Kim obviously misjudged the reception-and so went the scorn, distain and disses run amok.Kim Kardashian Fires Back At Piers Morgan Regarding Nude Selfies

Bette was first up to bat after Kim having posted the (throwback) nude selfie of herself pictured in a bathroom with platinum blonde hair and censored by marking covering her actual aerolas and vagina labia and mons.

Although it took awhile, Kim got her dig back in some hours later by tossing quips back and forth at and with Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz, Piers Morgan (who quipped-offering to buy her some clothes seeing as though she spent all her money paying off her hubby’s 53 million debt that had been reported in the news over the past few weeks).

After all was said (and done…on #InternationalWomensDay the next day Kim did this to what was said: dropped yet, another nudie and captioning it #liberated

Kim Kardashian Posts Nude Selfie


…followed by posting the following out there for the word to read (explaining her plight and hopes that the world can let go of the fact that she made a sex tape 13 years ago and has since, been liberated and embraced by her family and husband Kanye-and too, feels that

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