First Things First: Before You Begin To “Make” Your First Impression There Are 8 Things People Already Have Decided About You Within Seconds of Meeting Your Acquaintence

download (1)First things first.

Really, first things are really first to me (not just the title of the subtitle of my book) or some cliche. I really believe first things are first.

I learned to respect the power of “first.” I own it, and too, I expect other people to own (what they think, feel or do first).

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]For me, when it comes to relationship-persona, business or casual-spiritually speaking; I don’t defy “firsts.”[/clickandtweet]

Firsts are the foundation of anything. Whether material/substantial (or spiritual/ “in the air”) whatever happens ‘first,’ I stick with/build from that.

glitter gold starWhen buildings are built, a foundation is built first. Buildings aren’t built without foundations because foundations hold them up. If a building is built without a foundation, it has to soon be torn down (or it will certainly catastrophically fall down). The same things goes for flowers and things in nature. Bloomed flowers and anything having come to fruition and a blossoming starts with seeds. Nothings gonna blossom without seeds-the other thing (without seeds) is just weeds. FIRST THINGS and FOUNDATIONS build and blossom things to become “things.” You canNOT defy (or deny) firsts any more than you think you can build without them. Doesn’t work.

If you follow me enough, you know how I feel about first things being first.stepping_out_of_line_poster-p228115186886276212t5wm_400

I feel that way because first/ “one” (to me) is like, that divine and sacred thing that has to happen and be left ALONE (to whatever happened first). Meaning, don’t resist or try and undo what happened ‘first’ because next is “two.” And ‘2’ is divisible by anything and (I believe) is given to us and something to work with (in the event that the FIRST/1 thing did not work out).

“Two” is our spiritual option, way out and means to move on.

As far I’m concerned, (where “1’ is concerned) I kinda look at it like this:

Regardless of how many religions there are or whatever your beliefs may be (or not), the bottom line is, everybody is praying to and trying to get to ONE God.

That being the case, since we are not omnipotent beings, “1”/one/first doesn’t belong to us. I think ‘1’ is an omnipotent thing-something we are supposed to allow the birth, foundation and first of (of anything) to happen and from there, slide over being divisible and dividing from there.images (5)

That said, (where person-to-person/business/people are concerned) whatever happens in energies between myself and something/someone else initially (first); whatever I felt-I stick with that and I proceed and progress from there. And likewise, I am okay with (and expect) the same in return.

I don’t come back for seconds, or swing back in on “hope.” I expect that if I’m okay with what I felt was handed to me (first/initially) was something that didn’t connect, I’m peacefully and un-bitterly cool with that. I cut off, rebuild and keep moving. But I expect to whom it effects to respect that…don’t come back by my way (and don’t come for me negatively). Own your “first” as, I’m on to my “2nd” and rebuilding. I’ve already gone on and looking for my lesson. I accepted the “first” and I’m on and about my way. Get it right the first time because I spiritually believe there is no “or else.”

We have our lessons in connection and disconnections. I’m ready to go get mine. And eager for you to go get yours at disharmony or disconnect). Somewhere in this mix we’ll remember and learn our useful lessons to apply elsewhere. Where we say “damn, I fucked up.” That’s your lesson to try a different approach in the next situation, with the NEXT person-better than you did in a particular situation with THIS person.” It’s how we grow. We HAVE to accept and own our decisions without scratching back at them.

I do NOT resist whatever happens “first” because I feel that ‘first’ is where we create our harmony or disharmony, accord or discord, enmity or unity.

Obviously, things occur at the “first” or start of anything that sometimes we go back and re-do. But almost ALWAYS,

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