{Video} Florida Woman DONESHA GANTT Takes To FACEBOOK After Being Shot Three Times In The Stomach


Donesha Gantt, her mom and a friend’s lives all flashed right before their very eyes while pulled up to an Opa Locka, Florida Burger King drive through having it their way.Donesha Gantt Double Shooting Opa Locka Florida

What they didn’t ask for was certainly something not on the menu at all: A side of getting pulled up on by assailants spraying her vehicle with bullets leaving several lodged in them all-missing the friend.

Oddly however, the woman took to her mobile phone and uploaded [what she felt would be] her last breaths while saying she knows who shot her (in the stomach and arm) yet, doesn’t reveal a name (even while knowing she is about to die and feeling her body go into shock).

Instead, you’ll hear her repeatedly express: “I’m good.”


This all happened in the beginning of last month.

Great news.

Today, Donesha Gantt and her mom lived.

Donesha Gantt Posts To Facebook After Being Shot in Stomach 3 Times


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