{AngFrankPodcast Show}: The World of Social Media and The Fame Game: Is PATTI LABELLE Wrong For Not Paying The Guy For The Video Gone Viral (That Ultimately Sold Her Pie?)

Patti labelle pies

Joke’s on you who?

A whole new meaning to “getting paid attention” has just been baked, bought and sold.

Just charge it to the game fame.

As yous may well know by now, legendary R&B soul singer, former DWTS contestant and American Horror Story actress Patti LaBelle brought just that to life for a fan-a horror story indeed in deed.

See, the deed was the ‘devil’ was not only in the addictive ingredient, it’s  in the details:

  • Sweet potato pie made by Patti (which, had she consulted with me-the cake/pie business name would have been “Patti Cakes”).
  • The pies went flying off the shelves of the only location they could be bought: Walmart.
  • Die-hard fan named James Wright tastes it and records and posts his review on YouTube that, according to his reaction mid test-taste, the pie was so good that it had him singing the Tell Me What That Thang Smell Like fan and famous singer’s tunes
  • The video went viral (which even caught her attention)


The good news was that the pies sold out of all Walmart’s so quickly and