MATT DAMON Delegating Self as the Authority on ‘Diversity’ in Film Gets Him Dragged On Social Media + Let’s Break #Damonsplaining Down To A Conscience


I know, right?

My heart pumped Kool-Aid when the hashtag #Damonsplaining hit the net as (upon log on-at first glance without my having clicked into the link as yet) I screamed to the top of my lungs: “Damon Wayans is STILL dropping his ONE redeemable statement and sentence in an effort to explain himself about that interview from earlier this month! Geezel peetes Damon, we forgot about it already!” I declared about Low Down Dirty Shame’s Keenan Ivory Wayans’ big bro [Damon].

This time however, the “ #Damonsplaining ” was [about] actor Matt Damon having got caught out there popular culture White-Boying: Being America-backed, Hollywood supported and comfortably nestled in his white-boy fullness such that when speaking to a black, female journalist (whose first name is ‘Effie’, last name: ‘Brown’ has dreads and an earring in her nose at that)

Effie Brown


…about the lack of diversity in Hollywood; all his presumptuousness just kicked in, he took over—and put his foot in his mouth (and dragged on social media for).


Lemme give you the backstory on this lowdown dirty ” ‘splain.”

Have a seat my lickle Pickney’s and take notes, ‘cause Matt Damon gave us the Gs on ‘diversity.’



You see, what-had-happened was, HBO’s premier of Project Greenlight (premiered). This project is the brainchild of Matt Damon and his homie, actor: Ben Affleck—developed to give first time filmmakers a chance to fulfill their dreams of making a movie (yes-a reality show of sorts). In this show, groups of (actual) producers help choose these hopefuls, and finalists who are then flown to L.A to meet with producers (a group of white guys and one white woman).

On this particular show’s epi, they introduced Effie Brown who, by the way is the producer of 17 feature films, one in particular named Dear White Boy.

*holds index finger up

Beyonce laugh gifWait a minute. Wait a minute. Let me finish.

Stay with me on this, please.

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