Trump and Ryan: PAUL RYAN Pressure x Dan Quayle Support: Is #TrumpsParty / DONALD TRUMP A Representative Good For Life (Or Simply Good For What I Feel About Life)?

Trump Ryan QuayleThat “other” republican (Donald Trump) hasn’t had the friendliest of responses with regard to solidarity from those other, other republicans willing to get behind him, but as the bullying businessman turned politician has kicked his fellow republican opponents off the campaign trail along the way; those one “other” republicans (less former President George Dub’ya and former President dad George Sr.) are rethinking their decision not to ride the presidential republican ticket with The Donald.

After countless nudges and considerable warnings from party members, Paul Ryan was the first to step up to the plate-made official as of today.

Robert Redford look-a-like and former 44th Vice President Dan Quayle (to George Bush Sr.) took to the airwaves this morning and spoke to our Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie and over at the Today Show-and actually seemed pretty delighted.

Now that everyone else has been bumped out of the way, and Trump is made official, fellow republicans are forced to tilt their heads and look at Donald Trump in a different light, despite the overcast he’s put into the race for the presidency-Quayle even stating:

“And now the party is going to have to unify around someone they did not expect to be their nominee. I fully expect that Paul Ryan will support Donald Trump quickly.”

While questioning and second guessing Trump’s economic and foreign policy acumen, Quayle referred to Trump as a “fiery,” and “unconventional” temperament who we should “expect the unexpected” from-a “different candidate running a different campaign.”



I don’t know about you, but although I don’t endorse Trump I do endorse the type of unconventional campaign he is running. Given the kind of world we live in now where fckery is on sooo many levels from the bottom to the top of our lives where there are rewards in front-facing and saying things, and appearing to live like a perfect 140 character Twitter post or politically correct Facebook post, it’s refreshing to have somebody be true to what they think and feel through and through.

donald-trump Because if you ask me, (the other ‘part’ requiring another blog) I think that’s part of ‘wrong’ with the world. We’ve adopted and become apart of these virtual and  digital social systems where we pretty much don’t have cameras following our actual lives around to see if we really are and really do adhere to all this “utopia” we put forth into world through these systems. The only proof of that come in the form of what we have full control of: our selective moments shots only by yours truly us, (truthfully?).

Part of the “lopsidedness” and this ‘thing’-this unexplainable thing I think we often times feel is that we have one world where the largest percentage of what’s presented to us is all the positive and ‘right’ things and people with words of encouragement, inspiration, solidarity and motivation but no proof of the follow-through yet, as we step out into the real world (which, by contrast-varies in lower percentage), this actual real world feel and follow through aint that large in percentage by comparison (both political and personal).

So to see someone being who they are in both (virtual and digital) worlds is an anomaly to

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