Trump and Ryan: PAUL RYAN Pressure x Dan Quayle Support: Is #TrumpsParty / DONALD TRUMP A Representative Good For Life (Or Simply Good For What I Feel About Life)?

being rewarded or supported. That’s big-just as big as his not having taken monies from any special interests groups that he has to make good on promises on later on (should he win). That too, is big.

TrumpAll that being removed, we’re just left with this “pompous,” “classist,” “egregious” “racist,” barbarian of a man who’s green on politics, bold in life, having made no political promises but says he’s going to make the country great again.

Either way, I feel that (by the hundreds, thousands, millions or billions) to not be who you really are and not say what you really want to (for fear of not being supported or rewarded) yet, are rewarded and supported for whatever you’re not, is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more dangerous than 1 man being President of the big ole United States of America.


Without belaboring the obvious, I secretly think (R) politicians are put off by him because not only for the first time, he is running a presidential race not playing by any rules, or ruled by special interests; he’s running + WINNING without the mask, frontface, political correctness and fckery they’re all so used to putting forth (for the reward)

Donald Trump is a big question mark for you and for me which begs the question:

Is he good for my life or just good for what I feel about life (how it should be)?

glitter-gold-starIn life, we all have a role to play and a mask to wear at varying times, settings and places. In no way am I advocating being as rude and vile as Trump (as a reader of my blog I’m sure you get the basic idea of what I am talking about) as, we all can’t afford to buy our way into the world, plant ourselves into it and build a world around us-like Trump can (and has). But by the same token, less his rough edges, he is a great compass on how possible it is to be yourself, accomplish goals or even win and stay right and still “you” while out there-from within.

Because if he’s not your choice he should be your lesson-your lesson that you can still “win” and get to the top of the ranks being exactly who you really and truly are. Let that be your own, personal reward as (even if they whisper it rather than broadcast it) you’re an anomaly in today’s world-a trophy of sorts.

Secretly, people want that-even those out there that aren’t publicly copping to having supported him (and continuing to). Me? I’m just gonna keep watching him.

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