TRUMP & Senator ELIZABETH WARREN’s War of Words on Twitter + TRUMPS Strategy Behind Why He Attacks Women’s Looks

Elizabeth Warren and TrumpAlongside his playing on how the world scrutinizes women, there’s a conscious psychology behind Donald Trump’s attacks (when he verbally attacks women and is quick to slut-shame and especially crap on their looks): His affiliation with the “Miss American Pageant” and knowledge of it serving as an underlying staple as to what “American” beauty is representative of, makes his attacks on women effective, he knows this. He feels that if he attacks his female critic’s looks, he is shooting them by bouncing off of playing on American “standard of beauty”—just like he is so close to winning this election by playing on the basic thinking, ideals and ideologies that most Americans secretly feel but will never publicly cop to.

Elizabeth Warren and Trump 3

(Look. I know how these Gemini’s operate. You have to get all up in their frequency to understand the Jedi Mind Tricks they play).

Another one of Trump’s female victims in receipt of his venom was Massachusetts’ 1st term Democratic U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren who was invited to an all out Twitter war of words by the mouthy Republican Presidential candidate-[by] spewing words that were everything short of “Presidential” stemming from a fight that began on May 6 and ended on May 11 (because Trump had to get the last word or else, you know that).


Theirs is a fight that took flight sometime last summer when in an interview, Trump suggested to interviewer Maureen Dowd [that] Warren was

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