121214-music-johnny-gillOops. Insert him in there (around 2000/2001 somewhere).

Considering the fact he got a few honorable mentions in one of my novels (on pp. 68, 137, 202), how soon I forget the honorable mention of crooner Johnny Gill under the list of “pretty boy”/ boyfriends from ghosts of Jan’s “reported” repertoire past over the years.

Well, since that…what’s come across my desk regarding Gill was had nothing to do with his crooning but rather, biting words of shark’s gills lurking from beneath the waters to take a bite out of Sinead O’Connor who, as you know, staked claims [that] his homie Arsenio Hall was Prince’s drug dealer.

(Before you can even call the “My, My, My” songstro “crazy,” he already beat you to the punch [by] proclaiming his already being “crazy” in advance and asserted that-like real eyes recognize real lies, or [like] real recognizes real; “crazy” recognizes ‘crazy.’ That said, “crazy” Johnny Gill wants Sinead to know that he’s already on to her ‘crazy’ and via

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