Fashion Is Communication – Why KTLA’s LIBERTE CHAN’s Dress Was Too Hot For TV

liberte chan being covered upPeople are talking about the KTLA meteorologist who, while “on air,” was asked to slip into a jacket mid-report, sending storms raging all across social media, blogs and beyond.

Now let’s be clear here, we’re not talking about the busty blondes with short skirts-on the sports channels reporting sports and weather behind mid-life, virile, defunct male sports stars, we’re talking about your local/syndicated reporter doing her bit.

To be honest with yous, this was something that I had been curious about and was actually going to provoke thought about it via blog: television newscasters and reporters going sleeveless now.

It was like it happened overnight. I didn’t know if this trend had started via being inspired by our First Lady Michelle Obama’s guns or what.

2012-01-23-gaylekingCBScreditI can remember the day-about a year or so ago-seeing Gayle King on CBS This Morning with a sleeveless dress. To add to the shocked of my being a combination of tickled and in awe was that it was not only “Oprah‘s Gayle”, but “Gayle” in a bright color!

News reporters, regardless if they are reporting news or weather, have long been known for wearing neutral/non-obvious colors, long-sleeves, jackets and short/mid arm length at minimum. So when I saw Gayle in what she had on, honestly, I wiggled as if my glands were tingling, curled my face, tightened my lips and said aloud in my home: “Ooh how tacky. What the hell?!”

But then it was like soon thereafter, when I would tune in to my local news station, the weather and traffic girls were wearing sleeveless shirts and dresses too! The more it happened, the more it began to look to me as if they were being instructed to, advised, or being suggested that they go sleeveless.

It’s 2016 now, and being aware of the business behind the business of television; the rules and antics behind television news is no different than entertainment news because it needs attention (in the form of ratings and viewership) as well. It’s hard out here in these Nielsen streets!

Well KTLA meteorologist Liberte Chan may have taken in a lIiiIiiIittle too far when

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