Post JAMES DEBARGE’s Alleged Confirmation He & JANET JACKSON Do Indeed Have A Daughter-Neice Mistaken For Daughter Responds…Sort Of

With new news that a 72 year-old woman just gave birth and even Janet’s friend, 45 year-old actress Audra McDonald’s recent announcement that she and her husband Will Swenson are expecting, Jan’s in good hands-despite her critic’s concern.

The news of her having her “first baby” undoubtedly caused many brows to raise considering the rumor that’s plagued her for years: That she’s already given birth to her “first child” in the early 80s back when her dream came true and she married and eloped with her first “pretty boy”: James DeBarge.


James DeBarge was a singer from the popular R&B groups x family: DeBarge and Switch.




Let the wags tell it, that’s exactly what Jackson did somewhere in all this: (switch) when her marriage was immediately annulled and she was wisped off and away under her daddy’s control just right before “Control” and her career was on the rise and up.


Fast forward, several years  and one pretty boy later; practically the same week she was getting a divorce, the world found out that Janet’s “long time boyfriend” Rene Elizondo had been her

husband for nearly the 12 years the world new him as the “longtime boyfriend”—thus solidifying her ability to keep a damned good secret so here we are since then 3rd pretty boy in-reportedly,  Janet’s “happily married” to a billionaire with a camel, and a boat.  Now, reportedly, with a bun in the oven, the hunt is on for that first baby from the 80s.


…(As you wish, somewhere in there, you can insert super producer Jermaine Dupri-who, reportedly, she dated in the mid 2000s).



With the hunt on for that “first baby” (who,

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