TERRELL OWEN’s Girl (The One w/the Booming Credit System) Has Nudies…….”Leaked”

You’re gonna have to read this next paragraph Scandal-fast:

In other trite, tired, over-crowded, typical, daily, basic, same-ole-same-ole, desperately seeking losin’ by attention-whoring on the Internet last-ditch effort in search of a “life,” and getting rich and famous quick I told you so news… 
the Gwife (girlfriend turned wife of convenience) named Rachel Snider (who we did a write up about for putting defunct famed ball player Terrell Owens on blast because of his using her biggest asset of use to him: her credit score in order to score a mansion)–remember her? She surfaced again…this time with nudies that she claimed had to have been leaked by Terrell who, according to her, was the only one in possession of them.


z_terrell_rachel (For the record, I did NOT a Photoshop this pic and it is NOT a me-me. It is an actual picture from her page done by her-her)

At any rate.

In case she is late to the game, in 2014 we’re pretty much over the word “leaked” as being anything other than leaking faucets, and cracked things with holes in it so she should know that we know her latest as anything but a “leak.”

z1  When after it was reported Terrell tried to use the hard-working post office starlet for her credit score, and soon thereafter her reported suicide attempts blew over and lasted about as long as a social media news feed post and no sooner than she could get the hospital bracelet cut off; nude pics of her [were suddenly uploaded] on the Internet showing her in various bathroom selfies courtesy of an egg account by someone who took it upon themselves to make a fake Twitter page and “leak” them.

z  As reported by TMZ, we’re thinking, the threats to make him pay for the “divorce” (and her-to set her back up into the life she had grown accustomed to for the brevity of time she’d know the defunct ball player), she is going to make either him pay, or us pay her to be famous-one way or another.

*blows bangs*


At any rate, Snider contacted Twitter headquarters to report the user of the x-rated tweets and pics and although her attempts had gone ignored for a while, the page was eventually shut down as are her pictures and attempts to get saved and rich quick.

To that we say:

Hello Instagram. Remember me? Rachel-Terrell Owens’ girl? Model. Credit Score 999. Booking info is…

Mark those words and that next move.

No—bookmark it.

It’s coming.

*eyes in head*


Source: TMZ

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