Congratulations! The “Cash-Register Baby” Born to EVELYN LOZADA Has a Name WENDY WILLIAMS: It’s CARL LEO!

Well, in a previous write-up, you’ve already read about me mentioning Wendy Williams’ new turnaround and likeable self being a stark-raving difference from what it was from the Wendy Williams days of old in radio, where (and when) she was most-hated—by everybody.

The celebrities that pretended to not like her, only did so to be kept in her good graces in the event (and hopes) that if she dished the tea on them, she would be most graceful in doing so.

Countless celebrities (which even included the likes of Whitney Houston), have been on her hot seat and have gone back and forth with Wendy and her less than tactful ways and evasive, ambush interviewing style and line of questioning.

If I had to list the celebrities who Wendy’s bashed in public during interviews, I’d have my whole day taken up and I don’t have that kind of time.

Wendy loves gossip. But she’s not the only one-lots of people do. But Wendy, despite her well-spokenness and seeming likeable way, can be most hurtful in ways like you’ve never seen before but it seemed like once VH1 began to work with her during her short stint with them in the early to mid 2000’s, she tried to clean up her act someone.

z_wendy_evelyn2  (No pun to Wendy’s dress, but it’s ironic what she’s wearing as I say this): “A leopard doesn’t change its spots” …is a lesson my mother taught me even when I was too young to understand what that meant.And the bottom line is (in my observation and experience): If its a leopard already, it aint changing.

And if you follow my write ups and work, you (and all my personal friends) know my mom was a notorious wordsmith with countless idioms and wise-isms that who had her own brand of delivering a message and if not funny and entertaining—it was blessed or damned sure the truth.

Well we all know Wendy does a “Hot Topics” segment of her talk show where although it’s a talk show like all others, her special segment is that one thing that she is notorious for: Gossip. Although her delivery is cute and funny, her bubbly personality tends to smooth over her hurtful jabs-which then tend to revert back to the Wendy days of old  (beneath the “bubbly” and seemingly harmless intention).

Take for instance the most recent incident where reality star Evelyn Lozada clapped back at her after being insulted on a segment during her show’s Hot Topics where she referred to Evelyn’s newborn child as a “cash-register baby.”

z_evelyn  (If you remember, when did a write up on the newly engaged and preggers Evelyn Lozada, here).

z_LilKim_v_Wendy2  Lest we not forgot the same kind of thing happened earlier last year when Wendy put rapper Lil Kim on the hot seat and proceeded to talk about her having plastic surgery and proceeded to mean and hurtful things that caused the Queen Bee, like Evelyn Lozada, take to Twitter to sting Wendy right back for her comments.

z_LilKim_v_Wendy  z_LilKim_v_Wendy1  z_LilKim_v_Wendy3 z_LilKim_v_Wendy4

I always say, and I’ll say it again. You can say what you want to say about a woman but when you don’t know her personally, her situation or her child; you best keep you opinions to yourself-‘cause that’s just what they are if your aren’t involved in her, or her child’s life to know the who’s, what’s, when’s, where, how’s, why’s.

Just ask Evelyn who responded to Wendy’s Hot Topics diss (around the 5:50 through ’til the 8:45) mark.



Needless to say, Wendy, like she did with Lil Kim, did not clap back.

And I think it’s pretty safe to say that at this point of poison, even despite the niceties you do for her, Wendy is immune to anyone that clapping back at her countless swipes she’s been notorious for-for years. She’s earned and wears her stripes spots well.

At any rate.

z_evelyn-lozada Regardless what you feel about Evelyn, the situation, and her relationship; in the interest of full disclosure and proper introduction of the “cash-register baby,” I’ll gladly let you know he does have a name. It is Carl Leo and we will let our friends over at Hollywood Life tell you to story. ENJOY!

And please join Other Side of the Fame in wishing mom and new baby Carl Leo well and into this crazy life we call a world!


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