Tennessee Woman And Friend Charged With Forgetting Child In Car While She Danced At Déjà Vu

“Déjà vu” is an understatement when it comes to this next different yet, same story that (had MTV’s “Teen Mom” cameras followed back then) they would have been [in for] a rude awakening in the world of reality and what reality really is.

Water and Earth TEMPERAMENTSYou see, I’m Cancer SUN: (Water. Still. Tranquil).

MOON: (Taurus – Earth. Solid).

PLUTO/Rising/Ascendant Virgo: (Earth. Discriminating)Air TEMPERAMENTS

…With a Gemini MERCURY: (Air. Mentally computing, Transmitting/Communicating)

JUPITER in Libra (Air)

SATURN in Taurus (Earth)

URANUS in Libra (Air)

NEPTUNE in Scorpio (Water)

VENUS in Leo (Fire)

MARS in Cancer (Water)

Fire TEMPERAMENTSThe only fire in my entire birth/natal chart existence is my Venus. The rest, I’m all earth, wind (air), and water. But let my Aries fire sign BFF with her fire/Sag and Aries (all up and down her natal chart) come around, and together-we’re wild like fire. I can only attribute this to be the fact that my being Cancer with Mars in it-something just happens as, Mars is Aries’/(fire) planet.

Put us (me and the BFF) together and we’re in another world. I naturally mold into a fiery wild-child. That being the case, together (over the years) as low and quiet as we are around other people outside of our friendship, unbeknownst to them-we kept a BFF rapsheet ratchsheet of all wild secrets just between us: We hustled hard. BFF’d hard. Loved hard. Hated hard, and right now-these days, we’re fighting hard…(She made me so mad at her that, among a few other reasons, I haven’t answered her texts back all year, yet).

Also, we played hard.

When we were teen mom’s (18/19) with toddlers, we’d do some “ratchet” sh/t just like the girls in this crazy story. Nothing stopped us from having fun. When we couldn’t make it to the club

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