PRINCE Alive, Well, And It’s Going Down Tonight Where He Dwells

Prince sexyI told you.

I love me some Prince (and Prince loves him some me) bats lashes

Last night throughout the middle of the night, like writing “help” in the sand, I wrote in a blog-hopes that we could get a sign from our royal highness stating all was well (given the mounting, circulating reports that he wasn’t doing so well and performing his Piano & A Microphone (#PianoAndAMicrophone) tour intimate shows sick and fighting influenza with last report stating he’d retired back to his home in PrinceMinneapolis.
Prince Paisley Park 4.16.16Well mic check 1-2, 1-2; Prince has spoken and all is well.

In his own words, just a couple hours ago, the Sign O’ The Times funkster gave us a sign with a surprise to match (stating something big was going down at his Paisley Park studio in Minneapolis tonight):





This is great news. My heart would be broken and I would be devastated otherwise.


My day is made!

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