Tennessee Woman And Friend Charged With Forgetting Child In Car While She Danced At Déjà Vu

from having not having my mom or his sister as sitters, she’d come up with the bright idea of getting doll’d Recession Stripperup and parking lot party at club closing time where by that time, her two todds and my one would be fed and clean jammies on-all clunked out in the back seat while we stood in front of and sitting on the hood of the car doing hood-type of stuff: Talking crap with our other childless friends exiting the club and hanging out from 2:30 a.m -3:30 a.m in front as if we had all been there all night.

That’s just the way it’d go down sometimes.

KelseyMcMurtySo like the ‘ratchets’ in this next story, although we weren’t strippers, if we were and had to rely on one another, my friend would’ve certainly sat out in the car, kicked her feet up and listened to our snoring and farting todds while I shake my tail-feather for and hour clocking my dollars (and with 10 inch stank glass heels on the other foot, I would have certainly done the same for her)–without incident however. Drinks aren’t served after 2 a.m and you can’t tell “adults” over 18 without a curfew they couldn’t be out at those hours.

That’s just how it went down we when we young, indiscriminate, and down.
The world was our oyster as is today but in a totally different way, indeed.

Science says that until you’re 26/27 years old, your frontal lobe isn’t fully developed. Therefore, your risk-taking quotient will be at record highs
while your concept of consequence and decision making ability will be at record lows and boy do I believe (and experienced) that to be fact and true—just not like this:


Two Tennessee girls (aged 24 and 19) were involved in a wretched ‘ratchet’ situation where a “Déjà vu Showgirls” stripper Kelsey McMurty (the 24 year-old) took a moment to hit the stage-cash money comes onleaving her 14 month-old daughter in the PT Cruiser with her friend: 19 year-old Summer Taylor. Well be that ratchet as it may, the bigger problem occurred when Summer Taylor must have heard her favorite song and lost her mind back where she left McMurty’s child who (according to authorities who rolled up on her), found the girl drenched in sweat from wearing a winter coat in 72 degree weather and having been left in the car alone for an estimated 30 minutes that (by all that in calculation) made the baby having been susceptible to 106 degree temperatures for the time she was left in the car.DeJaVu Tennessee

With an outstanding warrant already (for driving without a license); the baby’s mom (McMurty) initially gave police officers a fake name. Eventually gave up the ghost and then they hit her with a 40k fine of impersonation, and a felony charge of child neglect of a child 8 or less

Summer TaylorThe friend, Summer Taylor was charged with felony child neglect of a child 8 or less and held on 10k bond.

Both girls are due in court this coming Monday afternoon.

The child was transported to the hospital and then whisked off to Children’s Services.





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