T.M.I…TELL US WHAT YOU UH…R E A L L Y “FEEL” DR. CONRAD MURRAY: “I Held Michael’s Penis Every Night.”

224214767_80_80 From the Department of T.M.I straight from the pages of TMZ, this story that came across my desk just made me place my hand across my head and sing out to myself (“Angie are you okay? Are you okay? Are you Okay Angie?)

You have to not have a lick of sense to be so adamant at trying to prove your innocence of a murder by feeling the need to prove your closeness to a man was such that you held his penis in your hand!

You see, it’s something about people like Zimmerman and Dr. Conrad Murray that they just have to understand: You might go free for a murder (or cause of death of someone) who either the world felt they identified with (or loved); but the Court of Public Opinion will not allow you to go unpunished now matter hard you try, and wish The CPO would let [your] freedom ring.

You’ll always get the gong until you snap, crackle and pop! (Or go: “bang!”…yourself)

1125-conrad-murray-tmz-2Well from the looks of things Murray is at snapping and crackling (while Michael’s popped and still trying to rest in peace).

Murray claims that Michael was incontinent at night, and in order to insert the catheter into [Michael’s] penis, he (obviously) had to hold it in his hands. To add further insult to his injurious details, he left nothing left to our sense of smell by stating that Michael used to wear dark pants all the time because even after urinating (During the day? Naturally? Without a catheter?), Michael would still drizzle in his pants………..for hours.

To further prove his being so close to Michael that he was join at the d—k, the chatty doctor also wanted us to know that he knew Michael’s three children all had three different fathers-none of which were actually him.

(We already pretty much knew that).

He comes further up off the hip by revealing that Michael never even slept with Debbie Rowe.

(We pretty much knew that, too).

And just so we’re clear as he himself is (well…sort of), he also wanted us to know that he believes Michael actually killed himself by getting a hold of his own stash of Propofol once he left the room and in turn, injected himself with it too fast which ultimately caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

I guess if we are to believe Murray’s other claims that Michael predicted he would die by Murray’s watch (in which Murray says that Michael, who smiled at him and told him he was clairvoyant) once looked at him and said, “You know, for the rest of your life and my life; our names will become inseparable,” then Murray shouldn’t be a “free” man today.

By that admission and if I too, am clairvoyant; then I would predict that if double-jeopardy wasn’t a law and Murray could be re-tried, he would be right back in jail for his own statement of claims (be they true or not).

Because if Michael was junky enough to assure Murray that he would die by his watch, I would think it would be the good doctor’s responsibility to see to it that, that same Propofol Michael allegedly got a hold of and injected himself with, should not have even been within his reach-but since it was (and considering Michael’s “clairvoyant” statement), wouldn’t that mean you’re still guilty of “causing the death of Michael Jackson” just the same?

We will keep you posted on the deets from Doctor Dummy but until then and like we at #OtherSideOfTheFame always say across Twitter: #StayTuned

bestOn second thought, maybe it’s me-who’s the dumb one, in that perhaps that’s probably why he didn’t testify (under oath) in his own defense huh? (‘Cause an admission like the one he’s cackling about now would have most definitely gotten him put away for life)…

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