SHONDA RHIMES’ Rhymes: Scandal Creator & Exec Inks First-Ever Book Deal! Will IT Be Scandalous?

With predictive Google word searches that go a little something like this:

shondaserach4  And this: shondaserach3 And this: shondaserach2And this:shondaserach1

…I’d say it’s well over time the world got glimpse into what really makes Shonda Rhimes rhyme like Shonda Rhimes’ rhymes.

The world has been waiting for far too long for the secrets behind her magic and to learn her story past a mere two, to thirty minute interview. But wait no more, because as of a press release released by Simon and Schuster on November 20, 2013; it’s official: Shonda Rhimes is writing a book


9c4669ec7d243e66f32e992d998e6c22 I’ve been dying to know the full back-story of this woman who seemed to take television by storm with a major show like “Scandal,” but actually earned her keep and place at the top (years before “Scandal”) by creating and executive producing other shows like: “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Private Practice.”

According to the publisher [of her upcoming book], in a nutshell, the book will be “part memoir, part inspiration, and part prescription,” as Rhimes will talk about her personal decision to build a family before her Hollywood career skyrocketed that as a result, the challenges she faced balancing parenthood and success. Rhimes admits that she made a lot of mistakes as a “single mother, working mother, sleepless mother and dating mother” while creating and executive producing her television shows.


As Rhimes makes statements like: “I’m going to write about [that] and hope that my kids don’t use it against me in therapy later,” along with Simon and Schuster’s Vice-President and Editor in Chief: Marysue Rucci making statements like: “Now fans of her phenomenal shows can read Shonda’s story in her own words,” that can only spell one thing about this much anticipated book due out in 2015: CREATIVE CONTROL. But how could any publisher not give creative control to someone who has created and executive produced some of television’s hottest prime time dramas?

Shonda+Rhimes+2007+Summer+TCA+Tour+Day+17+gghp22PeoQ2l As a writer myself, trust me when I say this book will be the one to leave open space on your bookshelf for-because it will most probably be straight from the horses mouth-no ghosts [writers], no “co-authors.” And if like me, you have been watching or following Shonda Rhimes over time, up and down her social media timelines; she’s certainly not shy. Surprisingly, she does not hold back, tread lightly, and tip-toe around trying to be so “careful” and politically correct-despite her status and name. It makes her natural, and relatable.

shonda-rhimes I love that about her. Her quit witted quips and sarcasm is something you have to sit there place your finger on your chin and think about like I’ve never seen before, so I look for nothing shorter than an awesome book from this awesome writer handing out those same words of wisdom she so modestly claims she “is no position to be handing out.”

But if those Goggled predictive word searches are any indicator of what the world is looking for when they type in Shonda Rhime’s name; she may need to add “Inspiring Writer and Author Executive” to her impressive resume too, because whether she accepts this position or not: It’s hers-because

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