DR. CONRAD MURRAY’S NEWEST SHOT THAT KILLED: A Low Blow At Rowe That’s Got Her Proposing a “Dry Hit” With a Hollowpoint Tip…

As if it wasn’t enough that Conrad Murray is responsible for the death of our King of Pop by giving him the hot-shot, his latest statements made since his being released from jail has Debbie Rowe feeling the sting of his cold shot much to her chagrin (and chin—and the blow to it).

And if she had it her way, the bullet she has awaiting him is warm and ready for the nearest [Jackson fanatic] who, according to Rowe, believes will get him done within the next 18 months or so anyways.

(Sounds to us like she’s putting it out there, like a DRY SNITCH: but a DRY HIT, for one of Michael’s zombies to put in the work at their leisure and own risk)…


debbie-rowe-murray-Rowe is shooting arrows and darts anger at Murray because of a statement he made that he and Michael used to joke that neither one would want to have sex with Rowe. 

I guess the statement tore through her insides such that she’s already specified the type of bullet she wants the Jackson fan[atic]to do the job with: “A Hollowpoint”—which is a type of bullet that not only puts the hole into its victim; but tears the inside of wherever the bullet penetrates.

Until the deed is done, I guess Rowe will have to make due with having shot back with these words: “If I had a dog as ugly as him [Murray], I’d shave its ass, make it walk backwards and put a wig on it.”

Uhhhh. Okay. But…

[And in response to neither Jackson or Murray’s desire to penetrate her] she goes on to say: “It takes 2 to f**k and there’s not enough alcohol in the world.”

(I couldn’t decide if that was a jab at Michael-for, we knew he had a drinking problem so much so that he’d put alcohol in his soda cans, or if that jab was directed at Murray—but we know nothing about him having a drinking problem. But who knows, maybe she’s saying she herself would have to be good and drunk to sleep with Jackson and/or Murray).

shoulder shrug

Rowe shouldn’t be too put off if you ask me.

So in my Sophia/ “The Color Purple” voice, “let me  ‘vise you like I do (Debbie):

I loved me some Michael, and God knowed I did. But Conrad Murray KILL’EM DEAD! before he ever done slept with any woman!” …let me tell it.

In all seriousness however, I just have this theory that Michael Jackson was a chronic Virgo who either touched, saw, or got his nose too close to one at some point in his lifetime and sh!t just went in reverse for him. That was the whole androgynous pathology and all (let me tell it). He didn’t want it at all: Rowe’s, mine, or any woman’s (if that serves as any comfort to her). I don’t necessarily think he was gay, I just think he was asexual. And at some point in our growth and development in our adult life (because we are sexual beings) if our sexual self hasn’t caught up to our growth and development; all kinds of mental, psychological, and physical things can happen which too, can lead to other fixations, and habits etc.

At any rate.

Rowe (who raises horses on her ranch) got the last laugh (I guess) by stating: “At least I can breed. He can’t even write prescriptions anymore.”

Er. Uh. But okay. We’ll keep you posted on whether or not that dry hit works,out but until then and like we at #OtherSideOfTheFame always say across Twitter: #StayTuned

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