Stuff Women Hate: Getting Dumped By That Guy We Hung In There With Although He Wasn’t ‘Hung’ + Why I Hate For Men To Read This Blog

tier (considering how much of a delicacy she seemed when he had first introduced her in the confessional…and the way he talked about her-then).

kamiyah-1-pngWhile chatting it up since the show aired this week, Kamiah has gone on record broadcasting Fizz’s bedgame.

As per, Kamiah is also quoted as elaborating (about the situation):


“It went from fast pace, spending everyday together, having so much fun and out of nowhere it just went left. He felt like I was forcing things or I was trying to move fast and I’m sitting her rethinking to myself, I don’t have a child that I’m having you watch. I didn’t give myself a key to your house, so how exactly am I moving too fast?”

[end quote]

When VH1’s interactive app blogger (conducting the interview) asked Kamiah about their sex life she stated:

“When he was able to get it up it was decent. He could seem to get stimulated I guess you would say.” She said before excusing his malfunction for his age, “Well, he may need to get a little blue pill.”

[end quote]



Now let’s be clear, she didn’t say he wasn’t working with anything, she merely said ‘it’ wasn’t working. But either way, these are the kinds of things women keep

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