Gospel Singer DONNIE MCCLURKIN Turns Shade To Sun and 50 Cent Turns Diss To a Tryst & Reminisce After EMPIRE Shades ‘Em Both On Last Night’s Premier Episode

Straight out the gate this season, FoxTV’s Empires already skyrocketed ratings are about to get higher as, from the looks of things, they are about to have some people checking for threats.

50 Centtarajitweets_on50_2Hip Hop artist 50 Cent, whose [one-syllable show]: Starz’s Power is in a kind of ‘soft-competition’ with Empire as, the rapper has gone on record spewing some things about Empire that forced its main character/matriarch “Cookie Lyon” (played by Taraji P. Henson) come out of character-literally.

This season’s first epi, Taraji Cookie Lyon did a drive by walk by and caught the television viewing audience by surprise by acknowledging 50’s real life diss in art form: Written into the script in a scene where “Cookie’s” looking at her mobile device and complains that 50 Cent is still talking greasy as she proceeds to refer to him as [a] “thirsty” a$$.

All is fair in war and art I guess because 50 Cent took a moment to pop back…(imitating?) or (telling?) life, too:




No stone is being left unturned, and being washed with the blood of Jesus doesn’t necessarily make one exempt from being caught in the popular tv show’s trenches as gospel singer Donnie McClurkin found out, too.

Having publicly opened up to being molested and manipulated by family and men of the cloth at the ripe, young age of 8 (to which he lays the burdens of the homosexuality demons that followed him through and through) McClurkin credits Christ for delivering him from homosexuality.

Well via a scene starring Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Miss Lawrence (playing himself) along with PreciousGabourey Sidibe [both] are playing members of gay and lesbian support organization GLAAD and trying to coerce Empire character Jamal Lyon to record a duet with him (Miss Lawrence) while to, throwing McClurkin’s name out there as incentive to garner support a fictional event in celebration of the success and achievements of gay men.

McClurkin didn’t find the plug too enlightening under the pretenses him name was used, and if Jesus can turn water to wine, McClurkin though it best to turn shade to shine.

To do so, lay hands on his social media account to express his thoughts about it by attributing that what the devil meant for evil ended up being a spotlight shined on him which in turn, enables him to shine the light on the gospel he sings and preaches to, and for the masses.

In his own words:

Donnie McClurkin tweet to Empire


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