Stuff Women Hate: Getting Dumped By That Guy We Hung In There With Although He Wasn’t ‘Hung’ + Why I Hate For Men To Read This Blog

private—until that man (who’s ego she blew up) dumps her like trash.Dumped

And I’ll repeat:
One thing about a woman, if she finds that she likes and grows to love a man…and he lacks money, is [just] “modestly” endowed, or lacks any other “perks” that keep a woman happy and faithful; sometimes, despite all else, we will endure those two things and charge it to the game and excuse them superficial things that we can work around (as long as he treats us right).

Opposite that, there are some of us will flat out leave the guy, but many of us will hang in there faithfully (or at bare minimum: hang in there with him but remain open to other options in the event he clowns). For those women, leaving a guy at that point doesn’t hurt so bad.

Woman getting dumped…but we HE turns around and dumps us and he wasn’t working with much (or ‘it’ wasn’t working) and we still hang in there (some women) opt to do what Kamiah did: blab his shortcomings.

It’s how we (some women) cope.

Oh. Before I forget to mention, let’s be clear ladies. Although men are “built” to be intercourse ready, at least once in every man’s life-he’s not. There’s always a reason and the main one is:

Performance anxiety. Often times the mind will not cooperate with the body. Just like our minds have to work with our body (to prepare us fore intercourse), physically, their penis typically has a mind all its own (and gets hard if the wind blows). But if a man has played out the moment one too many times in his mind or gets anxious and nervous, his penis won’t cooperate.

Other factors are:

Alcohol recreational drugs, fatigue, prescription meds, cigarette smoking, stress

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