Stuff Women Hate: Getting Dumped By That Guy We Hung In There With Although He Wasn’t ‘Hung’ + Why I Hate For Men To Read This Blog

it’s not.

Jaw drop Miss Jay ANTMIt’s about that one kind of relationship backfiring that we women HATE: That one kind that can leave a girl clutching her fists, tightening her lips and face and screaming out: DAMN!

…or her jaw dropped like: What the hell just happened here?!

Cop a squad.

When we love a guy so much that all his crappy loving (and despite his not standing up inflated egoto our usual expectations with the business below), we can go on and put it to the side (pun intended) and love him ANYWAY. From there, (and less that…) we take all that he’s lacking and put the spotlight on him and instead, make love to his ego, his masculinity, and all things un-sexual and necessary to keep him virile and feeling like a king. And it’s not fake. When you love somebody, where they are lacking and no chance in hell ever will be ‘abundant’ you work around that, and women are good for doing that.

With regard to being a bad lover, a woman who’s good in bed, is in touch with her own body (and ONLY provided that that man is really that into her), she can teach a man whose a selfish lover or bad lover how to make love. But one thing she CAN’T do is grow him (or keep him ‘standing’) in ways (or for lengths of time) that God so wished to humble him.

Sex in the CityInflated-Ego-ManFor that guy, we take the focus off where he’s not so blessed, and we blow his chest up such that he walks around the house like the world’s stage-blowing his @$$ up such that NOW…we have created a monster!—and he turns around and plays us like he is SWANGin!

There is not a girl in eyes-reach of these words that-that has NOT happened to. It’s the worst most confusing thing ever! It’s one of the most craziest experiences and awkward forms of heartbreak a woman will ever experience yet, it’s the kind where a woman can exit the relationship without weeks of tears and lopsidedness yet, it can CERTAINLY make her vengeful. Vengeful to the point where she HAS to let it be known that she tolerated him (and from there-will go on the attack on his manhood…to reverse and take back the bricks she built him up with)…

One thing about a woman, if she finds that she likes and grows to love a man…and he lacks money, is [just] “modestly” endowed, or lacks any other “perks” that keep a woman happy and faithful; sometimes, despite all else, we will endure those two things and charge it to the game and excuse them superficial things that we can work around (as long as he treats us right).

Opposite that, there are some of us will flat out leave the guy, but many of us will hang in there faithfully (or at bare minimum: hang in there with him but remain open to other options in the event he clowns). For those women, leaving a guy at that point doesn’t hurt so bad.



Lil Fizz Kamiah VH1 LHHHollywoodThat’s the “real” of the reality of a VH1 reality show situation behind Kamiah and former B2K member Fizz (Love and Hip Hop Hollywood/ #LHHHollywood).

Well, their reality show dilemma has made it to the throes of social media and as wags have it, is going a lil’ something like this:

Kamiah, who, last epi was soft-dumped by Fizz who did it in such a way that he flat out ended up telling her that if she wanted to stick around (and squat at his apartment where she had been staying) she’s going to have to do it and witness him date and relationshopped (because what they had wasn’t such that he wanted to see her exclusively).

Men have ‘tiers.’

Somewhere in between him wanting it and after getting it, Kamiah seemed to lack luster for him—and lose his lust. He threw her on this weird

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