STAR WARS’ “PRINCESS LEIA” CARRIE FISHER DEAD At 60 + What Would CARRIE Think Of Cinnabon’s Bun Replica – Tasteless?



If it’s any way to be remembered, being notorious for keeping that middle finger erect for any one and thing that’s trying or tired to knock, or keep you down;

…Carrie Fisher embodied that—with humor and [what her former cast mate and object of her desire-Harrison Ford referred to as] “emotional fearlessness.”

As it is turning out, ‘2016’ itself is pretty much making us all emulate Carrie-giving it the middle finger. A rolling new year can’t come soon enough seeing as though the year has taken too many with it—and now: Carrie.

You may well know by now that the Star Wars star suffered heart failure mid-flight while returning from a book tour in London to the states. Although she was rushed to the hospital (UCLA Medical Center) and we were all told she was stable, reportedly, “Princess Leia” wasn’t-and sadly for us all, has now gone to galaxies and glory far away.


Carrie Fisher always has been and forever will be known as Princess Leia, but was vocal about her real life not being such the fairytale/fantasy.

Beneath her humorous exterior, in addition to being a women empowerment advocate, she’s also admitted to battling mental health (bipolar II).


Having overcome drug and alcohol abuse, about the only thing we knew-opposite that-was just like most all women; she just wanted to lose a few pounds for her appearance in the new Star Wars Rogue movie.



No word yet as to whether or not crash dieting or dieting in particular was the cause but apparently, during her last interview (in London with Graham Norton) just one day before that fateful flight, she seemed to be doing just fine.



News of her death, just circulated fast on the afternoon of December 27 (2016). Hollywood, and all were taken aback by the news-seeing as though hearing she was stable, we were hoping Carrie Fisher would live to tell us another humorous story and an even greater chapter in her life as a having survived.

There force may be with her now but the force of her fate deeply affected many-including tasty pastry brand Cinnabon who likened Princess Leia’s buns to their famous bons.


Although the sincere tweet didn’t go over to well with many, from the glittering galaxy from whence the Star Wars siren lay resting, we’re sure through all the lenses of her spiffy glasses collection


…Carrie Fisher is looking down and laughing at it all (middle finger up-I’m sure).


Just a few days ago she, herself, even retweeted a pick of a historical pic of someone with similar buns in their hair.

Yes…history keeps repeating itself.

In life (and even in death/life after life), the woman with the trademark dry wit, even knows there’s no escaping the role (or the hairstyle) she made famous.

Carrie Fisher a.k.a Princess Leia, will be missed.

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