Pop Rock Star GEORGE MICHAEL Dies Christmas Day At 53 – Despite His Troubles, This Is How We Should Remember Him + That ‘One Day,’ That One One Way He Revealed All On OPRAH

Fck what you heard…

Listen: George Michael was a FCKING ROCKSTAR–in every right, riff, rhyme, and reason.

Why? He and his life had all the elements of “rock star:”

  • Sex
  • Sexuality
  • Scandal
  • Drugs

and unfortunately:

  • Tragedy


…And just like that, yet another person with the catalog to the soundtrack of my life just- dies.




“Breaking News” December 25th, Christmas Day, was nothing short of heartbreaking for real, surreal:



Like the speed of light, whispers got around that the Careless Whispers heartthrob and crooner, George Michael, died of heart failure while battling pneumonia.

For those of us who loved him so dearly, although this was so unexpected suddenly, his camp reported it was certainly peaceful.

From the outside looking in-his passing carried anything but careless whispers, we all felt it.



The Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go singer of the breakout group Wham! Certainly dropped a whammy on us all and left us without warning. But reportedly, it was no secret that he was battling pneumonia yet-pushing through and insisting on playing for the fans and even the Australian doctors who he credits for saving his life:



Born June 25, 1963 Georgio Kyriacos Panayiotou in East Finchley, London (UK), he had [come to the U.S and the world over] to be known as simply “George Michael.”

His trademark sunglasses (I’m smiling), incomparable good looks, feathery hair and talent could not be denied or duplicated.



Having sang alongside some of the greatest music artist like Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Bob Geldoff’s Band Aid project, Jody Whatley, Queen’s tribute to Freddie Mercury,  Boy George, Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Mutya Buena, and even Beyonce, it was apparent that George Michael transcended through space and time:


The pop rockstar wrote many of his timeless hits e.g.;  Faith, Everything She Wants, I Want Your Sex, Freedom, One More Try, Father Figure, Heaven Help Me (with his former Wham! bandmate Deon Estes) and Careless Whisper (just to name a few).




But the singing sex symbol had been plagued with drug addiction, a near car crash (2013-where he spent two weeks recovering), depression (for years-since 2000), and ultimately battled his health, rumors, scandals, and of course—the paps:



Refusing to run anymore, it was his (2004) interview on the Oprah Show that can pretty much be credited with George Michael coming clean and killing countless screaming girls’ dreams: his being gay. But more importantly, the countless troubles that seemed to follow him through his time out of the spotlight.



Of all singers who’d come out as gay, George Michael’s rumors (and eventual admission of) seemed to hit his fans the hardest as, every girl felt like his songs were for them. LoL.


Well it’s like the saying goes: Life comes as you fast. And he eventually lived his truth-regardless of what anyone thought about it.

He came, he conquered, he collaborated and her left us all with great music and the Without Prejudice rockstar did what he was destined to do in that regard.

Fast forward however, unfortunately December 25, 2016 marked the spot where our beloved George Michael took his last struggling breath and left his mark here in this universe with us.

His exit hit many hard…and like digital eulogies, I would be remised if I didn’t post them (hopefully, sometime today), here.

It is with a saddened heart that I had to blog-eulogize yet, another great who has many hits on the soundtrack of bits of my own life personal life story.

Despite George Michaels’ troubles, he touched many and I am glad that he did live a good life and in his truth and shared great music in between, and through it all.

Hopefully, alongside all his great music, he will be remembered for that-like his words tweeted (on my birthday):

In closing, I just want to say that George Michael did wayyyyyy too much and was a great contribution to music.

So I wanted to get up this morning and designate some time to present him well to the world and the people who didn’t know him.

Hopefully, without prejudice, it went over and in you, well.

George Michael. You we’re loved by the people who always loved you for what your music did for them and the philanthropy that we all never even knew about.




May you rest in peace.


…may we hopefully get to see your last works your were reportedly working on 🙂

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