Hollywood Star DEBBIE REYNOLDS Dies Just One Day After Daughter, CARRIE FISHER – The Two Will Be Laid To Rest Together

A mother’s beloved child dies and just a day later, the mother dies.

Sounds like a scene pulled straight out of a Hollywood film script, but they are two ironies: This really did happen to a beloved Hollywood star and her beloved, Hollywood star daughter-Star Wars’ “Princess Leia:” Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds.

Less than a week after the world found out Carrie Fisher, 60, was hospitalized after suffering from heart failure, with a broken heart; it was her mother who asked the world to hold Carrie in our thoughts, well-wishes and prayers. But when Carrie’s heart stopped, Reynolds wrapped.

Wednesday afternoon, at approximately 1:02 p.m. while at her daughter’s home in Beverly Hills, a 9-1-1 call was placed-to which the Los Angeles Fire Department were first respondents.

Listed as “fair to serious condition” the “adult female” was transported to Cedars Senai Medial Center and having trouble breathing.



The Singing in the Rain, Hollywood star was feeling anything but ‘glorious,’ ‘happy again’ and ‘laughing aloud.’ She simply wanted to be with her beloved daughter.



Fisher’s brother Todd Fisher, stated that with the last breath in her body, Reynolds simply said she wanted to be with Carrie—and died right behind her.

Carrie Fisher watching Debbie Reynolds perform. Photo: LAWRENCE SCHILLER/COPYRIGHT POLARIS COMMUNICATIONS INC.


Reportedly, the mother and daughter will be buried right at Forest Lawn Cemetary right next to each other and surrounded by Hollywood stars like Liberace, Michael Jackson, Betty Davis and more.

They are deeply missed.

…Debbie Reynolds has gone on to glory and well, happy again.

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