Singer MARY J. BLIGE’s Father Stabbed, in Critical Condition

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  th (18)       140123-mary-j-blige-hmed-1148p.photoblog600  th (11) This next story is sad news for me to report, for, I am a long-time, true blue fan of singer:

th (13)  …the inconquerable: Mary J. Blige.

  th (16)  I can remember eagerly awaiting her VH1 Behind the Music segment-finally learning from the horses mouth: a full story about her past.

   th (23)  th (19)  th (22)  th (10)  th (27) th (24) th (25) I couldn’t wait.

th (12) There was a part in it that still rings in my head-of her sister LaTonya (pictured left of Mary) explaining (in the segment): th (26) Marrrrrry. Guess Who’s Here? Daddy’s Here” she said (talking about the father showing up to one of Blige’s shows by surprise).

th (14)  th (17) The darling picture of a young, doe-eyed, tween, long-legged Mary J. Blige smiling the biggest, prettiest smile while hanging on to the hip of her dad holding her up, was a stain on my brain-I remembered it all too well-she smiled held her hands out as if she was being presented to the world. It was so cute (I tried hard and searched high and low for that picture-to no avail, however, it is on the VH1 segment. It’s so darling).

At any rate.

th (15)  In the one-hour documentary, Blige describes her estranged relationship with her father and talks about how she loved her father (who too-in his day), was a musician who, (in quoting her dad himself from the segment): “loved my music and my women,” (unquote).

Blige’s father: Thomas Blige, 63, of Battle Creek (MI) is reportedly in a Kalamazoo hospital following surgery after being stabbed in the neck by his ex-girlfriend and was found bleeding from the stab wounds to this throat, his side, and arm.

blige-slashed-tires White is being held in the Calhoun County Jail and charged with assault with the intent to murder [during what is being reported] as domestic dispute in which Thomas Blige confronted White when he found her slashing the tires on his SUV.

Sources said that it was during that confrontation White stabbed Blige in the neck with the knife she was using to slash and let the air out of his tires with.

Michael Thomas, Thomas Blige’s roommate, told Grand Rapids NBC Station WOOD-TV that Blige actually heard a hissing from the sound of air being let out of his tires [went out to check on it] and when he came back in; yelled for him (Thomas-the roommate) who found Thomas Blige laying on the kitchen floor: “bleeding profusely,” he said.

I had to grab towels and cover the wounds the best I could until the rescue came,” explained Michael Thomas.

As of yet, it is unknown (for sure) if at the current time, Mary J. is still estranged + aware of the incident. And there are no references on any of her social media accounts indicating her knowledge/acknowledgement of the incident.

The only other information we have to report is that neighbors stated the couple argued frequently, and at the present time, Thomas Blige had a restraining order taken out of White stemming from a recent incident where she tried to stab him with a candlestick holder. As of right now, regarding his current condition with this (actual stabbing); he is listed as “serious” in condition [having been updated from being “critical”].

We wish the singer and her dad the very best on this, and hopefully all will be well.

Eye Spied NBC News via Alex Johnson

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