JUSTIN BIEBER Released From Jail, Cried Tears in Cell

No…this “Justin Jackson”   (trending) JUSTIN JACKSON   had nothing to do with  Justin Bieber pulling a Michael Jackson circa: th (5)2004  th (3)   th (1)      th (2)     when he gave a show for the cameras after beating [the molestation] charges filed against him when the King of Pop decided to climb atop his SUV and do a little dance for the world-to the music playing in his head.

BerQ8q9CAAAF-zoth (9)In case you’ve been under a rock, you know full well by now that the Prince of Pop commandeered the media airwaves and social webosphere after being arrested last night for drag racing his yellow Lamborghini in the Miami streets. When apprehended, it was found that he was driving with expired license, driving under the influence, and arrested for resisting arrest.

Justin-Bieber-posing-infront-of-his-rented-Yellow-Lamborghini-in-Miami-FL-on-Jan.-22-2014.-Courtesy-Of-Instagram  (See video of vehicle leaving the towing yard)

th (6)  Although the Bieb-Boy put on his best B-boy tough-guy stance when 130431-original released from Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center this [Thursday January 23] afternoon, sources say toughing it out couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

130432-original   130445-original  Despite pulling the “Michael Jackson: circa 2004,” Justin-climbing on top of his SUV and dressed in the black with hoodie and black leather shorts he wore in when booked; the sunglasses shielded much of what onlookers reported as anything but composed behind the scenes of the fiasco-despite how cool as a fan Justin looks sitting atop his SUV as if all [was] quiet on the western front.

   justin-bieber-3-600  According to People Magazine, after the judge set bond for $2,500 (via a video link from the jailhouse) Justin broke down and cried-as it became apparent to him that the repercussions of getting pulled over with an expired driver’s license, under the influence, drag racing in the streets, resisting arrest and questioning + cursing at an officer-was going to be a little more than a slap on the wrist, a warning, a ticket and set free to go off into the night time hours in his pretty yellow Lambo.

When he realized he had to retire his black hoodie and black leather shorts to a handy-dandy trash back in exchange for the red county scrubs, Biebs cried his eyes out.

BerT7hsCIAAUpYZ The glassy-eyed, smiling-faced mugshot was hardly proof of Biebs possibly being under the influence of a controlled substance making his eyes so glassy (like even I thought when I looked at the mugshot).


th (4)  Needless to say, unlike the King of Pop standing and dancing atop his SUV after his release/acquittal;

 130440-original  Biebs elected to take a more humble stance: sitting and waving behind the dark colored glasses.

Often times whether it be karma or chance; strange things tend to happen that may be indirectly related to a crime or incident in which although karma, punishment, force of humility or correction may not have occurred at the time of an incident (or crime); it seems like those karmic forces of nature somehow sticks its forgiving (or sometimes unforgiving) hand out to send us in the direction of facing our crime, or the incident (with karma, or “chance happening?”)…sorta like…you know…like how OJ Simpson’s suffering, and having gone to jail is for something totally unrelated to the crime he was acquitted for… 

Be it “chance” or finally his facing his “karma,” the fact of the matter is: he’s got time on his hand now…to think things through, about what didn’t (or did) happen…

So you see, last night’s ordeal with Bieber (ironically) occurred following his shenanigans and ongoing dispute he had been having with his California neighbor in which the neighbor recorded Bieber egging his house and yelling expletives…(and pretty much bragging that he was untouchable in so many words)…

Following that incident, authorities were called to the Bieber compound where some arrests were made, and drugs + other paraphernalia was confiscated.

Now here it is a week later, and Biebs drag-raced himself into a lesson that may humble and change him in ways that had it not, something more drastic could have very well have happened to him or someone else (luckily it did not).

In my early/beginning college days, when I was in the criminal justice program with high hopes of getting into forensics, one of the first lessons they typically teach you is about how we all hate that dreaded annoying pull over by the cop rolling up behind us while we’re cruising and minding our business-only to be interrupted by his/her nosiness.

But did you know that many of the most prolific murderers (like Ted Bundy—and quite a few others) were caught–not at the scene of the crimes, but guess how? Getting pulled over. Getting pulled over, arrested, found out and booked saved a lot of other women’s lives (and nipples)…

  th (8) There is a lesson in this that just may very well humble Bieber and too, may very well have been the wake up call he needed to save his, or someone else’s life.

 130430-original  It’s not about “judging” him, so mind your business while I (literally) mind my business…which is to literally talking about it + belaying this message:

th  Sometimes it takes karma (or chance) to stand, (or sit) on top the world to do its dance.

CAEA51341B02B6BA01D71286D34  He needed this lesson.

He needed to be apprehended for that drag race, and he needed this night.

Perhaps that rented Lamborghini drag racing incident was a metaphor for his spinning wayyyy out of control (e.g., accusations of him spitting on fans from atop a building/hotel room, snickering and insulting an overweight fan at the beach, public pissing in snow, egging neighbors, etc.).

Perhaps this incident came in the form of a message trying to tell him something and served as an omen–keeping him from next being forced to own something in his life that his lil’ 19-year self really aint ready for, perhaps?

And perhaps this night pumped the brakes on all that-before too late and

J_B_meme……………nothing was the same J_B contd [for him, ever again].

(LoL at that Meme)

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