The Grinch & Theif of Dreams SIMON COWELL Robbed While He Slumbered


Dubbed as The Grinch himself, who although doesn’t creep into homes in the middle of the night to steal Christmas from families, he has however, stolen the and dreams of many-a-hopefuls who’ve stood in front of him on stage. cowell-house

This time around however, the curtains were opened on Simon Cowell while he and his family slumbered. Someone took it upon themselves to creep into the XFactor and former American Idol judge’s $35 million dollar Holland Park, West London home-making off with 6-figures worth of jewelry and cash in the wee 2 a.m. hours of the morning. Cowell, 56, was asleep however, and security called the police and despite having caught no one.

The investigation is ongoing and Cowell, son Eric, and wife: Sarah Silverman are all okay.Simon-Cowell and son Eric

This isn’t the first successful entry into the then, bachelor, successful judges’ home.

The then, intruder (Leanne Zaloumis) wasn’t so lucky and able to make off with anything but a pair of bracelets tying her hands together behind her back. In March 2012 a brick wielding Zaloumis copped a squad on the shelf of Simon’s wardrobe closet while he sat watching television. He’d heard the loud bang from his bathroom and as it turned out; the intruder had banged a window and made her way in before found hiding with the brick in her bloody hands and taken into custody where she was held for 102 days and electronically monitored at release. I guess of all the dreams he’s stolen, someone(s) must feels as through he’s fair game in this kind of thing as, in October 2011, before he was married with child, a woman with whom Cowell had a one

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