George Zimmerman Convicted & Evicted From The Only ‘Free Life’ He Had: TWITTER

Although ‘entertaining’ for some, for many, it’s been a tough, long road dealing with George Zimmerman live “free” on Twitter: The only world outside those lonely closed four walls of the world where, for three years now, he claims to be free as a bird—despite incident.

Although free from conviction of murdering 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, nothing could be further from the real truth about Zimmerman who, although would never admit it; was anything but [free].

George Zimmerman in poolTwitter, taking selfies by a pool holding only him in it while attaching himself to racist ideals and adorning his social media page with Confederate flag avi’s (seeking attention with hopes to be taken in by hate groups for protection and some semblance of connection and normalcy in this world of being a “free” man he’s never going to get); on a daily basis, Zimmerman took to Twitter to live out loud-hoping his silly antics and desperate cries and echoes could be heard by a powerful force to attach his guilt and free himself from the imprisonment he’s really been suffering since the day he walked free in the court of law.

Although Twitter could have made many executive decisions to delete accounts started by Zimmerman (after his many senseless boasts and getting away with killing the 17 year-old unarmed teen), the fact of the matter is: he wasn’t convicted but Twitter, like many knew and I called it: It was only a matter of time that he would shoot himself in his own foot and violate the laws and policies of the only world that he found freedom and life in: Twitter.

That time came yesterday when

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