Breaking Faces: Capturing People’s Reactions The Split Second They Are Told They’re Beautiful

cameraHave you ever been told [or caught yourself] mid-fall and re-recorded, or was told about the look on your face while going down?

I remember getting my heel caught in the crevice of the sidewalk one time while on route to my friend’s step of her house and I fell forward onto my knees (like a kid). While I was down there (on all fours) I laughed so hard at myself because not only was it funny that I fell (like a kid); but I remember the face that I instantaneously had no control over making and I laughed so hard about it.  It was a moment to behold yet, stained in my brain.

The opposite is true however, for an experiment that captured smiles made from frowns. And these however, were captured.

beautiful experiment7


Ever seen somebody whose face gave off the look of death, apathy or complacency to the world-showing what kind of day they were having and easily looked as though they wore their heart on their sleeve all over their face?

Have you ever paid a compliment to somebody who, at receipt of the compliment, their whole face lit up and changed and looked as though that’s just what they needed to hear [to motivate them for the rest of the day?]



Talk about breaking someone’s face.

An eighteen year-old student from Chicago, Shea Glover, conducted a

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