SHAUNIE ONEAL’S FULL-COURT PRESSURE: Seeks Court Order As Shaq Ceased to Assist Her Use of Their Children For New Reality Show!

t1larg When Shaunie and Shaq divorced, Shaunie kept the ball rolling and created her own identity.

shaq_shaunie_040708 There’s no denying the fact that Shaunie O’Neal (ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal and mother of the basketball giant’s children) is her own person. Outside of simply being identified in connection to the basketball star [well over just being the typical, literal, “basketball wife” simply having been married to a basketball player with no other business or identity besides that], Shaunie O’Neal is an entity. 

shaunie2 In case you didn’t know, Shaunie O’Neal owned a Chinese Laundry brand shoe line, owns a jewelry line (under the acronym/imprint: “SIS”-owned by L.L.Cool J’s wife, Simone I. Smith-sold at Macy’s), and the popular reality show franchise: “The Basketball Wives.” She makes her very own appearances on the show which she too, is the creator + executive producer of.

Well with the success of the show, Shaunie secured a deal to launch her own show (on VH1) called: “The Shaunie Project” in which the premise, according to Shaunie, is supposed to co-star she and Shaq’s children. Camera’s will be following the lives of them all and focusing in on her motherly duties of raising the four children which (rather than like a typical reality show) is supposed to be more like a “Cosby Show,” (less the Cos and instead: The Claire Huxtable Show?).

2006-04-09-shaq  Shaquille O’Neal is actively blocking that move and ceasing to assist Shaunie in this slam dunk. Although the show is supposed to be nothing less than about “good wholesome fun” and focusing on Shaunie’s struggle with making consistent lifestyle changes (like working out) as well as the id’s close relationship with her (showing the world how they all love, and work together as a unit); shaq9  Shaq’s got a tight grip on the ball rolling on this…

He (like the rest of the world) knows all to well that when it comes to reality shows, “good” and “wholesome” can only last for so long and that eventually, his children will be under full-court pressure to turn up. And in doing so; what may have once started out as a good wholesome show, will eventually be altogether different one day that he’ll turn-on, only to see a dysfunctional family dismantle right before his eyes. shaunie

According to Shaq, this show will eventually hurt the kids and especially, the one that is currently struggling in school. He doesn’t feel that anything “good” and “wholesome” can become of cameras in his children’s home, following them on day-to-day life while living.

W020080202367428763897  Shaq may have always struggled from the 3-point/shooting line, but his shot-blocking game has always been his strength, and now: in real-life he is stretching his arms out to the strong arm of the law. As a result, Shaunie’s shot at getting this show off to filming (which is set to begin in January 2014), has got her crying foul. Shaunie+O+Neal+8XjmruuJcB0m

shaunie-oneal-basketball-wives  She rushed off to court this morning to try and secure an emergency order granting her kids have permission (by the courts) to film for the show.

According to our sources (of this story) Shaq is “leery” of Shaunie because at one time, she was on a crusade to no longer tolerate violence on the “Basketball Wives” show (because it ruined the images of black women) yet, eventually to score ratings; gave in to the pressure of “turning up” and the cat-fights began again.

Well, we at Other Side of the Fame must say that while that may be true, we also know something else. Shaunie O’Neal is a savvy woman (who despite all the catfights and messiness of the show) somehow, each episode, managed to be the only one not looking catty and messy.

soneal2  The reality is: Shaunie O’Neal is what we at Other Side of the Fame, refer to as: “The Original Don-Da-da.” She wasn’t some trophy wife whose whole existence rested on the arm of a trophy man. Furthermore, she was apart of Shaq’s early humble beginnings, so with all that, she has no reason to feel the need to put herself (or her kids) out there for that kind of attention in order to be “known” and ride 15 minutes of fame ’til the wheels fall off.

r-SHAUNIE-ONEAL-KIDS-large570  Having said that, we seriously doubt that woman would allow her own children to look any less than how she allowed herself to be portrayed on camera.

Sidenote: I’ve followed Shaunie for a while now, and that son of hers (the one who flat-blasted her new boyfriend on Instagram earlier this year) probably has more than enough personality to entertain us. I can tell already!

At any rate.

All jokes aside.

30f521284ebd11e2abce22000a1f96d4_7  Only time will tell if the ball gets rollin’ and this show makes it off the (literal) courts. And too, (if it does), time will tell how “wholesome” and “good” “The Shaunie Project” will be (and if it will last under that same premise).

Stay tuned to Other Side of the Fame-we will certainly keep you up on this game.

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