“THAT’S THE WAyYyYyY WE BE-CAME THE DIDDY BUNCH!” : Happy Holidays From The Combs’


 …Til the one day when the ladies bred with this fellow:

…and he knew they it was much more than a hunch.

…that this group, would somehow form a family.

…that’s the way they all became the Diddy Bunch:

article-2526773-1A35E6B700000578-995_634x635  “Happy Holidays! Love, The Combs’ Family!” …written on the Instagram shot and sent by Diddy.

Can’t call P-Diddy a some-a-time dad.

We’ve all rocked with the music mogul since way before his seeds were mere twinkles in his eye, and ever since; we’ve watched them grow and be the wind right beneath his 3 boys’ wings and he-wrapped right around all 3 girls’ fingers!

sean-combs-his-sons-2-17432753   article-2526773-1A32B6FF00000578-874_634x632

Well it’s Christmas time, and in nothing but pure debonair, classy, fly and Diddy-like style like only this fashion mogul can; he invited us all to share a little Christmas cheer with he and his gifts of his life:

article-2526773-1A35E6B700000578-995_634x635 From l-r there’s his biological daughter: Chance (5), biological son: Christian (15), Diddy (just thirty something yall…lol), his biological son: Justin (19), his biological twin daughters: D’Lila and Jessie (5), and right below Diddy: Quincy, his 22 year old step-son.

Awesomely good-looking family he bred!

P.S Before the rumor and insult-a-mill and gossip begins, according to sources, all both babys’ mothers:

Sean `Diddy` Combs hosts Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party for his son Justin Dior Combs Misa Hylton-Brim (Justin’s mom)

article-2526773-1A367F4400000578-48_634x613  Kim Porter (D’Lila, Jessie, Christian and Quincy’s mom)


article-2526773-1A367F4000000578-377_634x632 Sarah Chapman (Chance’s mom)

…opted to sit out for the pic to allow the kids and their dad to capture this moment.

Happy Holidays from the Diddy Bunch!

Eye Spied Iona Kirby/MailOnline.com

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