BEYONCE’S 20/20 EXPERIENCE: “Any Questions?”

beyonce-sasha-fierce   With lyrical content is atypical of the “Beyonce” we all know and love. And whose concept is befitting of Sasha Fierce’s alter-ego, call it “Partition”…I mean: premonition (or a 20/20 experience of sorts) that Beyonce somehow knew that her racy new album was either going to be a close runner up, or out-sell iTunes’ top seller: Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience.”


[Incidentally?] but certainly unexpectedly, Beyonce released her album in the wee-hours of the morning of Friday, December 13 and in less than five days later: managed to sell over 1 million copies—over half of that sold in only three days which (would have) out-sold Justin Timberlake had she dropped the album before iTune’s year end cut off threshold.

Well, having said that (for other artists), that gives you over 300+ days to step your game up-because Beyonce’s work, resolution and resolve is already done.

Even to this very December 19, 2013 day and with 2014 having not yet begun;she is already in the lead for iTunes’ top seller for [December] 2014.

So in the words of Beyonce herself: “Any Questions?”

Beyonce *raises hand* 

Well…We at Other Side of the Fame not only have a policy (for our near future contributors): “Say what you want, but spell their name right,” and as well, we do what we can to not read between the lines (and especially not put any words in anyone’s mouth) but sometimes you just can’t help [but read between the lines] ya know? So to that, with Beyonce’s work having already been done, and taking into consideration of her “20/20 experience,” the question is: Do you have a New Years Resolution, a Resolve, or Solution?  sasha_fierce_glove_

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