RIHANNA Celebrates 9th Year in With Family, Friends & Does the Schmoney Dance


You can shun but you can hide.

As you may (or may not know), Barbados Island’s racy raga-muffin Rihanna’s had her Instagram account revoked but her show will go on.

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Recently, the pop princess has been turning up with her friends on the coast of Italy and marking off her bucket list with things like:

  • dinner by an active volcano, living to see + take photos of lava at a distance

  • going snorkeling by old pirate caves

  • chance happenings (like audiencing her ex Chris Brown during a recent celebrity basket event) 

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  • and most recently; taking her party right on over to her BFF’s Instgram account—doing the “Shmoney Dance” (sorta)….

The Shmoney Dance is a dance that just recently hit the scene that accompanied newcomer and popular rap artist: Bobby Shmurda, who exploded onto the music scene this summer with his catchy hit song “No Flex Zone.”

Well, Riri’s got news for Instagram when it comes to thinking they were gonna flex on her zone by suspending her Instagram account. Just peep Rihanna, her reefer and her girls getting it poppin’ to Shmurda’s second hit single “Hot N|%%@”:

Rihanna’s recently gone on her “Monster” tour with prolific rapper Eminem and has since-had some down time and used it too love-up with her new  baby niece Majesty. The pop princess totally surrendered to Majesty in a display of adoration she shared with her fans.

With the bucket list being marked off, partying with friends and wrapping up a major tour, and serving as a reminder that pop princesses rhyme aint done, she also just celebrated the 9th year of the birth of her first album Music of the Sun remarking a time when the world was introduced to Rihanna

Rihanna 3….just years before the good girl had gone bad!

” Thanks to all of you who’ve supported me throughout the years! I cant believe, already 9 yrs! I owe it to you man. “

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