{Buzz} RIHANNA & BEYONCE To Collaborate & Remix BEYONCE’s ‘Blow’


Few artists or people can get by getting summoned by a Queen, whether it be in a movie, a book—or on wax.

Take for instance Beyonce a.k.a Queen Bey.

Queen Bey has put the midas touch on collabos with some heavy hitters in the game like: Shakira


Lady Gaga


Hip-Hop Dancehall King Sean Paul


(Although there was no official video for the remix of Usher’s “Love in this Club”) the two stars collabo’d


…and just recently rumored to be a video in the works right now as we speak:

Nicki Minaj-who had bestowed upon her; an invitation to join Queen Bey for a remix of her latest CD’s single: “Flawless.”



*throws hand*

…all that’s nothing.

Because when it comes to what’s up next (perhaps), that’s all but applesauce to a boss.

ASCAP BEYONCE AND RIHANNA REMIX BLOW _OTHERSIDE OF THE FAMEYou see, according to the ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers-an online music database), for about a month now, a new entry for “Blow” (another song on Beyonce’s latest CD) is too, like “Flawless,” being remixed and filed under Beyonce and “Rhianna”–a misspelling of the pop star’s correct name, which is “Rihanna.”

This is still buzz, and we can pretty much be sure that the purposeful misspelling is probably because this is not definite and confirmed by either singer as yet but if their labels and management have their way, this too, shall not pass.


Rihanna is under management of Beyonce’s hubby Jay Z and well, we all know that those two are in love under management ‘til death do they part.

Beyonce and Rihanna VintageWhy is this news? Because it’s been long-rumored that Beyonce’s “Bow-Down” was a kind of ode starlets like Rihanna and that the two have had bad blood [for whatever reason]–despite posing for a pic at the yearly Vogue’s MET Gala (that ended up being used for the front page of Vogue’s MET Gala Issue)

And well, when a Queen’s got money to make and business to take care of-situations like such too, are applesauce to a boss.

For now, we’re going to file this under {Buzz} but obviously, if we hear anything else about this being a sure thing, we will keep you posted!

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